10 Timeless Home Decor Trends


Keep Your Style Fresh For Years To Come

Keeping Up With The Trends In Home Decor Can Be Tough. So This Year, Why Not Opt Out Of Following The Latest And Greatest, And Choose Timeless Home Decor Style Over Fleeting Fads? We’ve Got 10 Home Decor Trends That Will Keep Your Style Fresh For Years To Come.

2 BHK Apartments in Ghodbunder Road Thane
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1. Minimalism

No Matter What Year It Is, Less Is Always More. The Less You Have Crowding Your Shelves And Tables, The Better Your Home Will Look — And The Less You’ll Have To Dust! The Same Goes For The Layout Of Each Room. Stick With Furniture That’s Proportional To The Room So The Space Doesn’t Look Crowded.

2. Accent Color

Trendy Colors Change Year To Year And Season To Season, But A Room Always Needs A Bit Of Color To Really Pop. Rather Than Investing In An Orange Couch Or Painting The Living Room Aquamarine, Choose Accessories Such As Throw Pillows, Vases And Even Art In Bold Accent Shades. These Are Easy To Swap Out Every Season Or The Next Year.

3. Functional Furniture

As Chic As That Angular Chair With A Bucket Seat Looks In The Magazine, Don’t Buy Something On Which You Can’t Comfortably Sit. The Same Goes For Glass Coffee Tables (Too Much Potential For Breakage) And Shelves With No Space. Buy Home Decor Items That Are Meant To Be Used, Not Just Admired From Afar.

4. Comfort

Like Function, Comfort Is An Important Factor When Buying Furniture. It’s Not Timeless If You Have To Replace Your Couch Because You Just Can Never Relax On It. Buy Something That Looks Good And Also Feels Good.

5. Quality Over Quantity

Just Because You Have Shelves Doesn’t Mean They All Need To Be Overflowing, And Just Because You Have Walls Doesn’t Mean Every Square Inch Should Be Covered With A Painting Or Photo. Choose Art And Accessories Wisely: Shop Less Often For Unique And High-Quality Items Instead Of Over-Buying Just For The Sake Of Putting Something (Anything) On Your Walls.

2 BHK Apartments in Ghodbunder Road Thane
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6. Natural Lighting

If You Need To Buy Window Coverings, Choose Window Treatments That Let In The Most Light. Where There Is Minimal Natural Light, Invest In High-Quality Lighting Options That Give Your Space A Natural-Looking Glow.>

7. Durability

When It Comes To Home Decor, It’s Often Better To Splurge On Something That Will Stand The Test Of Time Rather Than Something Trendy, Yet Poorly Made. You’ll End Up Spending The Same Amount On Several Low-Cost, Low-Quality Items Versus One Well-Made Piece. Again, Shop Wisely.

8. Warm Tones

Shades Like Caramel, Plum And Ochre Are All Timeless Because They Warm Up Your Space. Whether You Paint A Room In A Warm Tone Or Stock Up On Accents In Those Shades, Your Home Will Look Chic And Cozy, Regardless Of The Latest Trends. 9

9. Shades Of Gray

In Fashion And In Home Decor, Gray Is A Shade That Isn’t Going Away. From Softer Tones To Slate To Gray With Hints Of Blue, This Timeless Color Looks Good Anywhere — Including On Counter Tops, Walls And Accessories.

10. Smart Storage

An Organized House Is A Happy House. Having Smart Storage Solutions Never Goes Out Of Style And Will Ensure Your Home Is Always In Order. From Wrought Iron Hooks To Classic Bookshelves, You Can Easily Make Storage Part Of Your Design Aesthetic.



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Need more money after taking a home loan? Opt for a ‘top-up’


If You Are Already Paying The EMI On An Existing Home Loan And Need More Money, You Can Opt For A Top-Up Loan. Here’s A Look At The Eligibility Criteria, Tenure And How You Can Take This Loan

When A Person Buys Any Property, It Generally Involves Taking A Home Loan And Also Exhausting A Substantial Amount Of One’s Savings, To Fund The Margin Money. Moreover, Home Buyers Also Try To Avail Of The Maximum Possible Loan Amount, To Get The Best Home. Sometimes, A Situation May Arise, Where You Need A Substantial Amount Of Money, While You Are Also Servicing An Existing Home Loan. There Is An Option Called A ‘Top-Up Home Loan’, To Deal With Such Situations.


When And From Whom Can You Get A Top-Up Loan?


A Top-Up Loan Is An Additional Amount That One Gets As A Loan, Over And Above Your Existing Home Loan.Various Lenders Have A Minimum Qualifying Period For Which The Original Home Loan Should Have Run, Before You Become Eligible For The Top-Up Loan. The Period Generally Varies From Six Months To One Year. Lenders Also Normally Insist That The House For Which The Loan Was Taken, Be Completed.

For Availing The Top-Up Home Loan, You Need To Have A Good Repayment Track Record On The Existing Home Loan. Otherwise, The Lender Will Not Commit Any Further Funds, When The Existing Loan Is Already At Stake.

If Your Existing Lender Is Not Willing To Give You A Top-Up Loan, You Can Always Approach Another Lender, To Transfer Your Loan Along With A Top-Up Loan. In Such A Case, You Will Have To Comply With All The Documentation And KYC Formalities, With The New Lender.


Quantum And Tenure Of The Loan


Your Income May Have Increased, After Your Original Home Loan Was Disbursed. Similarly, The Value Of The Property May Also Have Appreciated. Both These Factors Add To Your Overall Credit Eligibility. The Maximum Amount Of Top-Up Loan That You Can Get Will Differ, Depending On The Lender. Some Lenders Cap The Aggregate Of The Proposed Top-Up Loan And Balance Outstanding On Your Home Loan, To The Original Amount That Was Sanctioned For The Home Loan, Subject To The Margin Requirement And Your Income Level. Other Lenders May Calculate Your Overall Loan Eligibility, After Taking Into Account Your Present Income And A Margin Of Around 25%, On The Current Market Value Of The Home.

The Tenure Of The Top-Up Loan, Also Varies From Lender To Lender. The Maximum Top-Up Loan Tenure Is Generally Restricted To 15 Years. Some Lenders May Also Restrict The Tenure, To The Remaining Period Of The Home Loan, To Ensure That The Repayment Of The Home Loan As Well As The Top-Up Loan, Is Completed At The Same Time. The Maximum Tenure Of Your Top-Up Loan, Is Also Limited By The Residual Life Of The House.

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Purpose For Which Top-Up Loans Can Be Taken


The Top-Up Loan Can Be Used For Any Personal Need, Like Marriage Or Education Of Children, Holidays And Purchase Of Consumer Durables, Like Televisions, Refrigerators, Laptops, Etc. However, The Top-Up Loan Cannot Be Used For Any Speculative Activity, Like Trading In Shares, Etc. The Lender May Insist On Obtaining An Undertaking From You, About The Proposed Usage Of The Loan.


Why A Top-Up Loan Is Better Than A Personal Loan Or Gold Loan


As The Top-Up Loan Is Given On The Security Of The House, The Rates Of Interest Are Lower Than That On A Pure Personal Loan. Likewise, The Rate Of Interest On A Gold Loan, Is Also Higher Than A Top-Up Home Loan. Moreover, The Tenure Of A Gold Loan Or A Personal Loan, Is Generally Lower Than What Is Available On A Top-Up Home Loan.



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Vastu Shastra tips for a sanctuary at home


With Regards To The Sanctuary Or Supplication Region In A Home, There Are A Few Vastu Shastra Rules That Ought To Be Taken After, To Guarantee Most Extreme Constructive Outcomes For The Home’s Occupants. We Analyze The Rules And Regulations

The Sanctuary At Home, Is A Holy Place Where We Adore God. In This Way, Normally, It Must Be A Positive And Tranquil Place. The Sanctuary Territory, When Set By Vastu Shastra, Can Bring Wellbeing, Success And Bliss To The House And Its Tenants. In Spite Of The Fact That A Different Puja Room Would Be Perfect, This Is Not Generally Conceivable In Metropolitan Urban Communities, Where There Is Space Crunch.

The Sanctuary Zone, Ought To Be A Zone Of Quietness That Is Loaded With Divine Vitality, Says Mumbai-Based Nitien Parmar Of VastuPlus. “This Is Where One Surrenders To The Almighty And Increases Quality. In The Event That One Doesn’t Have The Space To Assign A Whole Space For The Sanctuary, One Can Set Up A Little Holy Place On The East Divider, Towards The North-East Zone Of The House. Abstain From Setting The Sanctuary In The South, South-West Or South-East Zones Of House,” Includes Parmar.


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Perfect Headings According To Vastu For The Home Sanctuary

Jupiter Is The Master Of The North-East Bearing, Which Is Likewise Called As The As ‘Ishan Kona’, Clarifies Jayshree Dhamani, A Vastu Shastra And Soothsaying Master. “Ishan Is Ishwar Or God. That Is The Manner By Which It Is The Course Of God/Jupiter. Henceforth, It Is Prudent To Keep The Sanctuary There. Additionally, The World’s Tilt Is Likewise Towards The North-East Course Just And It Moves With The Beginning Stage Of The North-East. Subsequently, This Corner Resembles The Motor Of A Prepare, Which Pulls The Whole Prepare. The Position Of The Sanctuary Around There Of The House Is Additionally Similar To That – It Pulls The Energies Of The Whole House Towards It And After That, Takes It Forward,” Says Dhamani. A Sanctuary Put In The Focal Point Of The House – A Locale That Is Called As The Brahmasthan – Is Additionally Said To Be Propitious And Can Bring Thriving And Great Wellbeing For The Detainees, Includes Dhamani.


By What Method Should A Sanctuary At Home Be Built According To Vastu

Utilizing Sage Is A Prominent Method To Drive Out Negative Vitality. Consume The Leaves And Let The Smoke Fill Each Edge Of The House While Firmly Imagining Your Great Aims For Your Home.

With Regards To Building The Sanctuary, Don’t Put It Specifically On The Floor. Rather, Keep It On A Raised Stage Or Platform, Prompts Parmar. “The Sanctuary Ought To Be Made Of Marble Or Wood. Keep Away From Sanctuaries Produced Using Glass Or Acrylic. Try Not To Mess The Sanctuary. Guarantee That You Don’t Have Different Symbols Of A Similar God Or Goddess, Either In A Seating Or Standing Position In The Sanctuary. The Icon Or Photographs Put In The Sanctuary, Ought Not Be Broken Or Harmed, As It Considered Is Unpropitious,” Recommends Parmar.


Rules And Regulations For Brightening A Sanctuary At Home

The Light Or Diya, Ought To Be Put On The Correct Side Of The Individual Playing Out A Pooja.

Enhance The Sanctuary With New Blossoms. Light A Couple Of Fragrance Candles, Dhoop Or Incense Sticks, To Scrub The Range And Make A Heavenly Vibe.

Photos Of The Dead/Progenitors, Ought Not Be Kept In The Sanctuary.

Make A Little Retire Close To The Sanctuary, To Put The Incense, Puja Materials And Sacred Books.

Guarantee That There Are Electric Focuses Close To The Sanctuary, With The Goal That One Can Illuminate The Sanctuary Amid Happy Days.

Abstain From Keeping Pointless Things Underneath The Sanctuary Or Dustbins Around There.

A Few People Keep The Sanctuary In The Room Or Kitchen. In Such Cases, Hang A Window Ornament Before The Sanctuary, When You Are Not Utilizing The Sanctuary.

Sanctuary Ought Not Be Against A Divider That Has A Can Behind It. It Ought To Likewise Not Be Put Underneath A Can On The Upper Floor.

Abstain From Keeping Pointless Things Underneath The Sanctuary Or Dustbins Around There.For The Sanctuary Space, Utilize White, Beige, Lavender Or Light Yellow Hues.

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Bullet Train Project Launched; likely to be Operational by 2022


The Foundation Stone Of India’s First Bullet Train Project Has Been Laid At Ahmedabad. With An Estimated Cost Of Rs 1.1 Lakh Crore, The Project Is A Joint Venture Between The Indian Railways And Japanese Firm Shinkansen Technology.

The Project Is Expected To Become Functional By 2023. However, Indian Railways Minister, Piyush Goyal, Has Stated That The Government Has Plans To Launch The Mumbai-Ahmedabad High Speed Rail (MAHSR) Project On 15 August 2022.

The Proposed Bullet Train Will Run Between Gujarat And Mumbai, Carrying 750 Passengers With A Travel Time Of Around Three Hours At An Average Speed Of 250 Km Per Hour. The Top Speed Of The Bullet Train Would Be Around 320 Km Per Hour While Covering The 508 Km Stretch Between The Two States. More Than 90 Percent Of The Route Would Be Elevated And The Remaining Would Be Through A Tunnel And On The Ground. In Addition, A Seven Km Stretch Near Thane Will Be Built Under The Sea.

There Will Be 10 Stations On The Stretch Including Sabarmati, Anand, Vadodara, Bharuch, Surat, Bilimora, Vapi, Boisar, Virar, And Thane. 35 Bullet Trains Will Be Launched In The First Stage And This Will Later Be Increased To 105 By 2053.

The Maharashtra Government Has Finally Agreed To Vacate A 9,000 Sq M Plot For The Station Proposed At The Bandra-Kurla Complex On The Condition That The Railway Department Would Provide An Alternative Site To The State.

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India among top 10 price appreciating housing markets: Knight Frank


India Has Moved Up 13 Places, To Rank As The Ninth-Highest Price Appreciating Housing Market, Among 55 International Markets, According To The Knight Frank Global House Price Index Q2 2017

The Growth In Mainstream Residential Prices In India, Has Landed It A Place Among The Top Ten International Markets In The 12-Months To June 2017, According To The Global House Price Index For Q2 2017 By Knight Frank. The Country Stood Ninth, Among 55 International Markets – 13 Spots Above Its Position On The Index Over June 2016. It Even Bettered The Performance Over The Previous Quarter Wherein It Ranked 13th.

India Ranked 9th Among 55 International Markets – 13 Spots Above Its Position On The Index Over June 2016.

Matured Markets Such As Singapore And Japan Saw Negative Growth

Established More Than A Decade Ago, The Knight Frank Global House Price Index Allows Investors And Developers To Compare The Performance Of Mainstream Residential Markets Around The World. Compiled On A Quarterly Basis Using Official Government Statistics Or Central Bank Data, The Index’s Overall Performance Is Weighted By The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) On A Purchasing Power Parity Basis And The Latest Quarter’s Data Is Provisional, Pending The Release Of All The Countries’ Results. While The Overall Index Was A Comparison Of Residential Prices Up To The June-Ending Quarter Of 2017, In Case Of 16 Countries Including India, The Report Considered Data Until The March-Ending Quarter This Year.

Credit :Housing.Com


Housing Price Rise In India Versus International Markets


At An Annual Price Appreciation Of 10.5 Per Cent, India’s Residential Sector Outshined Matured Markets Such As China (9.6 Per Cent) And Did Nearly Four Times Better Than The Price Rise Recorded In The United Kingdom (2.8 Per Cent), Revealed The Report. Commenting On The Findings, Samantak Das, Chief Economist And National Director – Research, Knight Frank India Said, “The Residential Sector In Select Tier-2 Cities Such As Kochi, Lucknow And Kanpur, Have Triggered The Price Growth. However, Home Prices In Most Metro Cities Such As Chennai And Delhi, Have Not Shown Significant Performance.”


Markets With The Highest And Lowest Price Appreciation


Overall, Nearly 90 Per Cent Of The 55 Housing Markets Tracked On The Global House Price Index Witnessed A Flat Or Positive Price Growth In The 12-Month Period To June 2017. Iceland Topped The Index, With Year-On-Year Price Rise Of 23.2 Per Cent, Followed By Hong Kong (21.1 Per Cent). Prices In Both The Markets Primarily Strengthened Owing To Limited Supply And Healthy Surge In Demand, The Report Added.

Meanwhile, Matured Markets Such As Singapore (-2.1 Per Cent) And Japan (-0.2 Per Cent) Saw Negative Growth. While Hong Kong Emerged As Asia’s Strongest Market In The 12-Month Period, An Analysis Of Five Years Puts India In The Front, Recording An Average Price Growth Of 70 Per Cent, Edging Past 65 Per Cent Price Appreciation Witnessed In Hong Kong.



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Welcome Good Energy into Your Home!


Paint Your Dividers The Shade Of The Sun. Yellow Is Known To Kill Awful Vitality.

Pour Salt (Any Sort Will Do) Into The Four Corners Of Each Room, And Let It Sit For 2 Entire Days. At That Point Either Vacuum Or Compass It Away Into The Waste. This Is Known To Ingest The Negative Vitality Of Past Proprietors.

Splash Some Natural Orange Fundamental Oils Around The House. Not Exclusively Does This Assimilate Terrible Vitality, The Aroma Is Likewise Certain To Lift Your Disposition!


Luxury 3 bhk Flats In Thane
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Ring A Chime In Each Side Of Your Room, And The Entryway. Imagine The Sound Waves Moving The Awful Vitality Out, Clearing A Path For The Great

Consuming Incense Is A Long Held Custom To Cleanse The Air In Homes.

Ventilate Your Home However Much As Could Be Expected. Open Every One Of The Windows, And Clean Off All Your Bed Cloth And Upholstery.

Utilizing Sage Is A Prominent Method To Drive Out Negative Vitality. Consume The Leaves And Let The Smoke Fill Each Edge Of The House While Firmly Imagining Your Great Aims For Your Home.

Expel Or Repair Anything That Is Softened Up You Home At The Earliest Opportunity.

Take A Stab At Including Purifying Gems Inside Your Home. They Could Be A Piece Of Your Stylistic Theme, Or Even Free Stones.

Place Reflects Everywhere On Your Home, Yet Evade Ones With Sharp Edges.

Expel Mess From All You’re Living And Work Spaces.

Evacuate Furniture And Stylistic Theme Pieces With Sharp Corners, And Incorporate Adjusted Ones However Much As Could Be Expected.



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Will Ganesha bring cheer to real estate?


Several Policy Changes Being Unveiled By The Government In The Recent Past, Have Significantly Impacted The Real Estate Sector. We Look At The Long-Term Prospects For The Property Market And Whether The Festive Season Beginning With Ganesh Chaturthi, Can Usher In Better Days For Home Buyers

It Is A Common Belief That Making Property Investments On Auspicious Days, Like Ganesh Chaturthi, Will Lead To Appreciation In The Value Of The Asset. Moreover, Buying A Property Often Involves One’s Life Savings. This Year, One Has High Expectations From Vighnaharta (Ganpati), To Bring Festive Cheer To The Real Estate Market. Developers Are Optimistic That Despite The Slowdown, The Market Will Pick Up Later. They Cite The Recent Policy Changes To Substantiate This Belief.

How Policy Changes Will Affect The Festive Season

The Goods And Services Tax (GST), For Example, Will Change The Market, Slowly, Although It Is Still Early Days To Comment On Its Impact, Says Parth Mehta, Managing Director Of Paradigm Realty.

“Auspicious Days Like Ganesh Chaturthi Or Diwali, Always Bring The Much-Needed Cheer To The Market. So, From The Developers’ Perspective, We Do Expect A Good Turnout. From A Buyer’s Point Of View, There Are A Few Good Things Which Are Happening In The Real Estate Industry. Once The Real Estate (Regulation And Development Act (RERA) Is Completely Implemented, We Will Get Better Results From The Industry. The Recent Price Corrections Offer More Reasons To Buy. We Hope Ganesha Bestows Stability On The Real Estate Market,” Adds Mehta.

Shailesh Puranik, MD Of Puranik Builders, Concurs That Reforms Such As The GST, Demonetisation And Implementation Of The RERA, Have Slowed Down The Real Estate Sector To An Extent. “There Are Short-Term Setbacks With These Reforms But The Long-Term Benefits Are Far Greater. While The Government’s Reforms Have Hampered Growth, Positive Decisions Of The RBI Like Reduction Of Interest Rates, Have Been Huge Boons For The Sector. Lower Interest Rates And Greater Trust In A Project, Because Of The Introduction Of RERA, Will Be Major Drivers To Bring Home Seekers Back Into The Fold,” Puranik Maintains.

Real Estate Sentiments On Ganesh Chaturthi

Owing To Demonetisation, RERA And GST, Almost 90 Per Cent Of Home Seekers Put Their Decisions On Hold, Points Out Aniket Haware, Managing Director Of Haware Builders. “Now, The Ambiguity Is Over. Consequently, Home Buyers Will Now Proceed And Freeze Their Decisions, This Season. Home Loan Interest Rates Are Going Down And We Now Have A Regulator To Keep An Eye On The Sector And The GST Has Also Come Into The Picture. With Things Stabilising, Sentiments Are Also Improving. In India, If The Time Of Investment Coincides With A Festival Or Auspicious Time, Then, It Is Like Icing On A Cake. The Sentiment Of Home Buyers Towards Property Purchase, Is Generally High During The Festive Season, Beginning With Ganesh Chaturthi,” Explains Haware.

Developers Are Also Trying To Lure Buyers With Innovative Offers During The Festive Season. “As Developers, We Also Believe That Auspicious Time Plays A Vital Role. So, We Line Up New Launches And Offers During This Time,” Elaborates Haware. Puranik Builders, On Its Part, Has A ‘Monsoon Bonanza’ Offer, Which Promotes Zero Down Payment At The Time Of Booking, Along With Zero Effect Of GST On Prices. “The Positive Sentiment In The Market Is Growing And The Industry Is Set To See Much Better Days Ahead,” Feels Puranik.S

The Market For Affordable Homes

Surabhi Arora, Senior Associate Director, Research, Colliers International India, Predicts That The Market Will Pick Up, Owing To An Increase In The Number Of Transactions In The Festive Season, Especially During Ganesh Chaturthi In The West And Navaratri In NCR. “Developers Generally Dole Out A Lot Of Festive Offers, From Gold Coins To International Holidays. However, This Festive Season, The Buyers Will Pay More Heed To RERA Registration, Rather Than Any Other Free Offer. Buyers Are Likely To Consider Ready-To-Move Properties Or Projects That Are Nearing Completion And That Too, Smaller Units. The Real Estate Market Is In A Recovery Mode. The Government Subsidy On Interest Rates Under The Credit Linked Subsidy Scheme, Should Boost Affordable Housing. Some Banks Have Introduced New Home Loan Schemes, Which Offer Flexibility In Interest Moratorium And Principal Repayments. These Schemes Are Aimed At The Young Working Professionals From Urban Areas,” Arora Elaborates.

Market Demand, Now, Is For Affordable Homes, I.E., 1-BHK Units. Ready-To-Move-In Homes Are Likely To Fetch Good Prices, Due To Greater Demand, Adds Haware. “The Market For Luxury Homes Will Also Pick Up But Not As Much As Affordable Homes. There Is A Lot Of Inventory Still In The Market And Developers Are Not Launching New Projects. Home Buyers Also Stand To Get GST Benefits, On Ready Properties. So, Affordable Housing And Ready-To-Move-In Will Be The Preferred Choices, This Ganesh Chaturthi,” Sums Up Haware.


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