Tips To Keep Your Home Safe And Hygienic For Your Child


Having Children At Home Not Only Brings Joy And Fun But Also Calls For Greater Safety And Responsible Planning Of Space In Order To Keep Them Safe. For Couples, With With Children, Planning To Buy A Residential Property In India, It Is Mandatory To Know If The Property Is Childproof Or Not. In Case, You Plan To Buy A Property Which Is Not Childproof Yet, Ensure That You Take Necessary Measures To Make It Childproof Before You Move In. The Childproofing Can Be Done By Hiring Professionals Who Are Well-Equipped And Have The Knowledge About How The Property Can Be Safe For Your Child.

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Tips That Will Help You Safe Your Home:

Importance Of Childproofing

At The Growing Age, Children Are Curious About Their Environment And The Things Around Them. Whether It Is A Toddler Or A Four-Year-Old, The Home Is A Huge Playground Where Their Imagination Runs Wild. This Also Means That There Can Be Multiple Places In Your Home Where An Accident Is Just Waiting To Occur. By Barricading The Possible Areas Of Accident, Will Ensure Their Safety And Your Peace Of Mind. In Fact, Many Upcoming Projects In India Add Childproofing As A Key Feature To Their Apartments.

What Are The Danger Zones?

To Identify The Danger Are, Look At Your Home From A Toddler’s Point Of View. Angular Corners, Sharp-Edged Furniture, Low Lying Electrical Sockets, Slippery Floors, And Even Poisonous Cleaning Products Within Their Reach, Can Pose Serious Baby Hazards. Any Place Where A Baby Can Get Hurt Is A Potential Danger Zone That Needs To Be Childproofed.

Steps To Childproof

The First Step Towards Childproofing Is To Remove Or Cover Everything Sharp, Pointed, And Heavy From The Child’s Path.


– Have Non-Slippery Mats Outside The Bathroom And Next To The Bathtubs To Ensure They Do Not Slip. Never Leave Your Child Unattended During A Bath.

– Toilet Lids Should Be Locked To Prevent Children From Tipping Over Or Slamming It On Their Hands Or Heads.

– Cabinets, If Any, Should Be Locked As These Largely Are Used For Storing Medicines, Soaps And Shampoos, Which Can Pose Danger If Consumed Out Of Curiosity.

– All Electric Outlets/Sockets Should Be Covered With Proofing Gadgets To Prevent Accidental Electrocution. Children Tend To Put Their Fingers In The Electrical Sockets.

Balcony And Terrace

– Children Should Not Be Allowed On Balconies And Terraces Alone. They Should Always Be Accompanied By A Responsible Adult.

– The Balconies Should Have Grilles, Barricades, And Protective Railings, And Designed In A Manner That There Is Minimal Space Between The Bars Of The Grille, Enough To Prevent A Mishap.


– Kitchen Cabinets Should Have Locks To Keep Sharp Objects Like Knives And Scissors Away From Children’s Reach. – Installing Stops In Drawers Will Stop Toddlers From Bring Them Out On Themselves.

– Install Stove Knobs That Come With In-Built Locking Mechanisms, So That Even If The Child Can Reach The Stove, They Are Unable To Operate It.

– Keep The Fridge And Microwave Locked When Not In Use.

– Use A Retractable Electrical Cable For Coffee Makers, Toasters And Microwaves So That Children Cannot Pull The Cords.

Bedrooms And Living Room

– Children Spend A Lot Of Time In These Rooms. Have A Minimal Decor Until Child Grows Up A Little. Too Many Artifacts, Breakable Or Heavy, And Sharp-Edged Furniture Can Be A Cause Of Injury To Children.

– Get Stoppers Installed On All The Doors, Prohibiting Baby’s Fingers From Getting Pinched.

– Keyholes On The Doors Should Preferably Be Double-Sided And Child-Friendly To Prevent A Child From Being Accidentally Locked Inside The Home.

– Electrical Covers Should Be Placed On Unused Sockets. Switches And Regulators Should Be Installed Out Of The Reach Of Small Hands.

– Place Corner Bumpers On All Sharp Edges To Prevent Bumps On The Head.

– If You Have A Staircase, Fix A Baby Gate On The Top And Bottom Of It.

The Installation Process All The Safety Measures And Equipments Should Be Completed Before You Move In. Though This Comes With A Price, But That Is Worth Paying For When It Ensures A Safe Environment For Your Child.

Hygiene At Home Plays A Great Role In Maintaining The Good Health Of The New Born. Thus, It Becomes Important To Go For A Deep Cleaning Process Before The New Born Enters The Home. It Is As Important As Stocking Up On Diapers.

Here Are Some Additional Tips:

Basic Housecleaning

It Is Important To Have A Thorough Cleaning Of The Home. Avoid Going For Harsh Cleaning Solutions And Insecticidal Sprays. This May Leave A Negative Impact On The Health Of The Baby. Kitchen Is One Specific Place That Needs Extra Attention. An Average Dishcloth Contains Around 4 Billion Living Germs. Clean The Kitchen Floors Nicely And Regularly. Bathrooms Are Another Area That Needs Attention. Use A Strong Cleanser Once A Week.

Keep Things Handy

Ensure That The Adults Can Easily Reach Out For The Disinfectant And Sanitising Sprays. It Is Also Important To Keep A Basket Which Can Be Used To Hold All Of Baby’s Belongings. This Will Help You To Easily Find Things. This Will Also Make You More Efficient While Doing A Full Clean Up.

Purify The Air

Go For A Strict No-Shoes Policy. Say No To Synthetic Air Fresheners And Fragrances. Use Clove Oil Bleach For Mold Removal. Avoid Bleaching In General. Clean The Rugs If Any. Bring In Indoor Plants That Will Purify The Air. You Can Use Eco-Friendly Cleansers Made Out Of Lemon Etc. This Will Ensure That The Air Within The House Is Clean And Healthy For Your New Born.

Find The Right Corner For The Nursery

It Is Necessary To Find A Right Space For The Nursery In Your Home. The Room Must Have Proper Sun Light, Temperature And Electricity. It Should Be Also Away From Unnecessary Noises. This Will Ensure That The Baby Enjoys A Peaceful Sleep.

As The Process Of Cleaning The Home Is Not That Easy It Becomes Important To Take The Help Of Other Family Members. Set Tiny Goals And Divide The Work Amongst All The Family Members. This Will Simplify The Process Of Cleaning The Home For The New Born.

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How To Keep Your Home Cool This Summer?


After A Tiring Day In The Heat And Dust Of The City, All You Want To Do Is Go Back Home And Switch On The AC. But, Air Conditioner Is Not The Solution Every Time. Have You Thought About The Other Ways To Keep Your Home Cool?

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Here Are Some Tips To Ensure That Your Home Stays Cool, With Or Without Air Conditioner:

1. Maintain Your AC:

Clean Your AC Regularly And More Frequently During Summers. Their Efficiency Will Go Up And Can Make A Difference To The Temperature Of The Room. Start With The Filters Where Dust Settles The Most. The Performance Of Ill-Maintained Air Conditioners Is At Least Five To Ten Percent Lesser Than The Ones That Are Regularly Cleaned. Call The Maintenance Guy At Least Twice A Year. Combine The Use Of AC With Ceiling Fans To Spread The Cool Air Around The Room Faster. This Can Help Increase The Cooling That An AC Provides And Cut Down On The Electricity Bills. Seal All The Vents That Let Out Ducts To Make Sure The Cooler Air Stays Inside.

2. Keep Out Unwanted Heat:

Keep Out The Heat During Hotter Hours Of The Day. Though You Might Feel That Leaving Windows Open Will Let In The Air, It Will Only Serve In Letting In The Heat If It Is Extremely Hot. Keep The Doors And Windows Closed In The Afternoon And Open Them In The Evening When The Temperature Goes Down. That Will Let In The Cool Air. If It Is Not Possible For You, Close All The Windows – At Least, Close The Ones That Bring In Direct Sunlight.

3. Use White Window Shades/Blinds:

The Age-Old Trick Of Using White Coloured Window Blinds And Shades Can Cool Your Home By A Great Degree. Bamboo Shoots Around The Window Are The Best Heat Absorbers That You Can Find. A Number Of New-Age Blinds Are Made Of Bamboos. Choose Tightly The Woven Ones To Ensure The Air Is Cooler As It Crosses Them. Many People In Hotter Areas Of The Country Also Invest In Window Reflector Films That Let In The Light And Keep Out The Heat.

4. Cook During Cooler Hours Of The Day:

Cooking Generates A Lot Of Heat And Tends To Linger Especially In Smaller Homes, Like Apartments. Delay Or Advance Your Cooking Hours Earlier In The Morning Or Later In The Evening. That Can Ensure That Heat Is Lower. Using A Lot Of Machinery Also Generates Heat In The House Like Washing Machines And Steam Irons. When They Are Not In Use, Unplug Them.

5. Turn Off The Lights:

Florescent Bulbs Generate A Lot Of Heat. Turn Them Off When They Are Not In Use. If Possible, Replace Them With LED Lights That Do Not Generate As Much Heat.

6. Use Cooling Mats:

Replace The Sheets On The Bed And Sofa Covers With Cotton Fabrics. Also Use Straw And Bamboo Mats That Absorb Heat.

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Why Should You check Your CIBIL Score Before Buying A House?


Most Of People Of Current Generation Buy Their First House Even Before Getting Married And With The Advent Of Credit Information Bureau Like CIBIL, The Knowledge About Your Own Credit Score And Credit History Has Become Very Important In Your Decision To Buy A House. Let Us Discuss Why It Is Important For You To Check Your Credit Score And CIBIL Report Before You Take Any Concrete Steps Towards Buying A House With Home Loan.


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Importance Of Credit Score And CIBIL Report:


Importance Of The CIBIL Score In Your Housing Purchase Decision

With People Buying Their First House At The Beginning Of The Career, It Is But Natural For The Current Generation To Take A Home Loan To Fund The Purchase Of The House. Before Giving You Home Loans The Home Loan Lenders Calls For Your Credit Score And Credit History From Any Of The Credit Information Bureau.

TransUnion CIBIL Limited Being The Pioneer In The Field, The Acronym CIBIL Has Become Synonymous With Credit Information Bureau. All The Banks And Financial Institutions Are Required To Share The Details Of Loans And Credit Cards Transactions Of Their Customers With These Credit Information Bureaus Like CIBIL.

Based On Your Credit Transactions And Payment History Of Credit Cards And Loans, The Software Of Credit Information Bureau Analyses These Transaction On Various Parameters And Generates A Credit Score. While Generating The Credit Score Due Weight Is Given To Your Timely Payment Of Your Credit Card Dues As Well As Regular Servicing Of Any Loan Which You Have Taken.

Thus The Credit Score Is A Proxy Of Probability Of You Regularly Paying Your Home Loan In Future. Moreover The Home Loan Lenders Prima Facie Give Importance To Your Credit Score In Order To Decide Whether To Proceed With Your Home Loan Application On Not.

As Per CIBIL Data More Than ¾ Of The Home Loan Were Given To The People Whose CIBIL Score Was 750 Or Above. The Score Is A Product Of All The Data Of Your Credit Transaction Reported By Various Lenders To The Credit Information Bureau.


Why You Need To Obtain Your CIBIL Score Before Buying A House

Since Most Of The Home Purchases Are Made With The Help Of Home Loans, The Success Of The Deal Of Home Purchase Is Dependent On You Ultimately Getting The Home Loan Budgeted In The Funding Pattern Assumed By You. So In Order To Assure Yourself That You Are Prime Facie Eligible To Avail The Home Loan Based Your Credit History With Credit Bureaus, You Should Obtain Your Credit Report And Credit Score Well In Advance Before Even You Pay Any Token Money To The Seller Or The Developer.

It May Happen That Due To Some Mistake On The Part Of The Lending Institutions Some Wrong Adverse Entry Is Reported And Is Appearing In Your Credit Report Which In Turn Would Have Affected Your Overall Credit Score Adversely.

For Example Unrecoverable Credit Card Outstanding Dues, In Respect Of Some One Else And Written Off By The Lender, Is Appearing In Your Credit Report. Or Some Of The Payments Made By You Towards Your EMI Of A Personal Loan Is Not Reflecting In The CIBIL Report Due To Any Reason.

So In Order To Ensure That Such Mistakes Do Not Appear In Your Records When The Prospective Home Loan Lender Approaches The Credit Information Bureau For Your Credit Score, Yyou Need To Get Any Such Errors Corrected. Since The Process Takes Some Time As You Will Have To Write To The Lender Concerned With A Copy To The Credit Information Bureau Like CIBIL And Chase The Reporting Bank Or Financial Institution To Respond.

With Increased Prices Of House The Amount Of Token Money Required To Be Paid Has Also Gone Up Accordingly. So In Case You Have Already Paid The Token Money To The Seller Before Applying For Home Loan, It May Happen That Your Home Loan Application May Be Rejected Due To Your Credit Bad Credit History As The Credit History Might Have Been Impaired Due To Your Bad Credit Transaction Or May Be Due To Some Wrong Reporting By The Lender Institutions.

In Such A Case Your Token Money Can Also Be Forfeited. Even If The Token Money Is Not Substantial, The Dream Of Owning A House May Get Shattered. So You Should Obtain The Credit Report And Credit History Even Before You Start The Exercise Of House Hunting So That By The Time You Are Ready With Your Upto Date And Duly Corrected Credit Report At The Time Of Making Home Loan Application.

As Doctors Advise Us To Go For A Regular Health Check Up Every Year After Completion Of 35 Years Of Age, I Would Strongly Advise All The Potential Borrowers To Go For “Annual Credit Health Check Up” By Obtaining Your Credit Score And Credit History.

As Per The RBI Mandate All The Credit Information Bureaus Are Required To Make The Credit Score And Credit Report Available Freely Once In A Year To Every One. So Though The Regular Health Check May Cost Your Some Significant Sum Of Money, Going For Regular Annual Credit Health Check Up Will Not Cost You Anything.

On The Contrary Such Pro Activeness May Sometimes Help You Save Forfeiture Of Significant Earnest Money In Case Of House Purchase Deals.

Obtaining Annual Credit Score And Credit Report Will Help You Keep Your Credit History Relatively Clean And Will Prompt You For Timely Corrective Step.

So Do Not Wait Till You Actually Make Home Loan Application, Go And Obtain The Credit Report Of Not Only Your But All The Family Members Whom Who Are Contemplating Making Joint Applicant For The Home Loan And Joint Owner.

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Top 5 Home Preparation Tips Before Unpacking


From Deep Purging To Fixing The Repairs, Moving Into A New Home Calls For Attention To Minute Details. We Shares List Of Things You Should Strictly Follow To Prepare The New House Afore Unpacking.

Despite The Ex-Homeowner Conducting All Requisite Upgrades Including Deep Purging, It Is Necessary To Participate In The Cleaning Process And Assure That The New Apartment Is Completely Unsoiled And Safe For Your Family. We Brings You The List Of Areas That Are Usually Ignored By The Landlord And Can Risk Your Family’s Safety And Health.

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Prepare The Home Before Unpacking:

Clean Everything Above Your Head

Ceiling Fans, Blinds And Chandeliers Could Be The Major Dust Receptacles And Should Be Treated Before Unpacking The Boxes. Doing This Will Prevent The Floating Dust From Settling On Your Favorite Furniture And Accessories. To Ensure An Effective Cleaning Process, First Dry Mop The Blades And Blinds, Followed By Slightly Wet Mop.

Deep Purge The Air Ducts

It Is Important To Consider The Air Duct Cleaning For Possible Reasons Such As Substantial Mold Growth, Vermin Infestation And Excessive Clogging Owing To Dust And Debris. According To Kuntal Vyas Aggrawal, “Duct Cleaning Is Important To Improve The Air Quality Inside A House. It Generally Involves Cleaning The Components Of Various Heating And Cooling System Of Forced Air Including The Supply And Return Air Ducts And Registers, Heat Exchangers, Heating And Cooling Coils, Condensate Drain Pans, Coils And Grills, Fan Motor And Fan Housing, And The Air Handling Unit Housing.”

Pest Control

Pest Control Is One Thing You Should Certainly Undertake After Moving Into A New Apartment. From Bed Bugs, Termite To Bees And Wasps And Cockroaches, There Are Several Types Of Pests That Attack Your Home Every Season And Can Damage Not Only Your Favorite Furniture But Also Take A Toll On Your Family’s Health. Thus, It Is Important To Ensure Timely Measures To Exterminate Pest And The Best Time Is To Get It Done Right After Moving Into The New Place As It Will Be Easier To Do The Needful In An Empty Space Than A House Full Of Furniture.

Disinfect The Common Touch Points

This Becomes Utmost Necessary, Particularly, When You Are Moving Into A Rental Property. Areas Such As Toilet Seats, Tubs, Sinks, Doors, And Windows, All These Areas Are Major Sources Of Germs And Require Deep Cleaning. Probably Wielding A Can Of Disinfectant Would Suffice. Some Of The Common Known Disinfectants Are Baking Soda, Tea Tree Oil And Hydrogen Peroxide.

Floors And Walls

Scouring Floor With Furniture Around Could Be A Painful Task. Thus, Deep Clean The Floor While They Are Still Clean. Not Only Will It Be Hassle-Free But Would Also Save A Lot Of Time And Energy Which Otherwise Might Get Wasted In Shifting The Furniture And Accessories. Any Repair (Broken Tile) Should Also Be Considered At This Time As It Will Be Much Easier To Fix Them Immediately After Shifting.

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Home loan Tips: Negotiate The Best Terms While Applying For A Home Loan


Every Individual Is Unique, So Is Every Loan Application. Many Factors And Variables Influence The Final Cost Of The Loan, Including Processing Fees, Legal Fees, Administrative Fees Etc.

As So Many Variables Are In Play, The Sheer Complexity Of Terms And Conditions And The Incomprehensibility Of Fee Calculation Make Home Loan Calculations Look Like A Difficult Task. The Negotiation Process Is Often Too Arduous That Even Seasoned Finance Professionals Struggle With The Complexity Of Paperwork And Banking Norms.

In This Article, We Attempt To Layout Some Key Focus Areas That Home Loan Applicants Should Focus On While Negotiating Favorable Terms, And Save Substantially On The Cost Of The Home Loan.

There Are Easy And Often Convenient Ways To Get A Home Loan At An Attractive Rate Of Interest. We Have Listed Some Tips That Will Tilt Negotiation In Your Favor. Put Them In To Practice At Least 3-6 Months Before You Wish To File Your Home Loan Application.


How To Negotiate For Best Home Loan In Thane
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Tips That Will Tilt Negotiation In Your Favor:


Contact As Many Banks As Possible

Reach Out To As Many Banks As Possible, Asking Them About Home Loans—-Or Alternately, Ask Them To Come To You. Many Telemarketers Will Be Quite Willing To Do This. Just Call On The Common Platform Of All Lenders, And Tell Them That You Need A Home Loan. Freeze A Relatively Free Saturday To Hear Out The Best Deals From Bank Sales Representatives Or Direct Sales Agents (DSAs).

Time Your Home Loan Discussions

If You Have Ever Been Into Sales, You Will Know What Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly Target Pressures Mean. Eight Out Of Ten Times, We Are Falling To Meet The Targets, And Are Ready To Offer You More Amenable Terms (I.E. Terms You Want) When Compared To Others. Do Quote Offers From Other Banks While Discussing Such Terms. This Can Help You Get A Better Deal.

Stretch Your Locking Period

You Should Always Try To Negotiate To Stretch The Lock Period (I.E. The Number Of Days During Which The Interest Rate Promised On A Pending Mortgage Loan Cannot Be Changed). You Will Not Read This In Bank Advertisements Or Sales Calls, But The Period After Which A Bank Resets The Rate Of Interest Or Converts Your Fixed Rate Loan To Floating Rate Can Be Stretched.

Read Carefully

Often, A Single Minded Focus On EMI And Interest Rates Makes Us Oblivious Of The Other Hidden Charges And Fees Such As Legal Fees, Processing Fees, Administration Fees. Banks Tend To Quote Lower EMIs And Interest Rates And Compensate For It By Raising Other Charges. While You Are Tracking Interest Rates And EMI Quotes Of The Banks, Make Sure That You Are Also Tracking All Costs And Fees Quoted By The Banks For Comparison. Do Not Be Fooled By The Teaser Rates Of Banks And Financial Institutions.

Keep Other Loans At Bay

If You Are Applying For A Big Loan Then Ensure You Have Prepaid Your Other Smaller Loans. If You Are Planning To Take Another Loan, Ensure That You Do So After Applying For Your Home Loan. It’s Important Because While Calculating Your Monthly Disposable Income, EMIs On Other Loans Such As Personal, Auto And Education Loans Are Deducted Directly From Your Monthly Income. This Directly Affects The Amount Of Home Loan That Would Be Sanctioned To You.

Did You Negotiate Well? Get It In Writing

Last But Not The Least, Get All Promises And Future Benefits From The Bank, In A Documented Form. Sales Representatives Under Target Pressure May Mislead You By Inflating Benefits And Promising Future Benefits Even When They Do Not Have The Authority To Grant You Such Benefits. Do Not Be Fooled By False Promises And Big Words.


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Real Estate Home loan Ideas – Things To Keep In Mind Until Your Home Loan Is Sanctioned.


While Securing A Home Loan May Not Be A Daunting Task, It Certainly Is No Cakewalk. And, After All The Hard Work You Have Put In To Secure The Loan, You Would Not Want Your Bank To Refuse You The Services, Citing Reasons You Thought Did Not Matter.

This Is Why Before You Plan To Go To Banks For A Home Loan, There Are Many Dos And Don’ts You Have To Follow.

Home loan Ideas in Thane by Ace Constructions
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Dos And Don’ts

Avoid Job Hopping

A Loan Grant Is All About Money And Your Stable Job And A Regular Income Are The Foremost Factors That Decide Your Loan Eligibility And Credit Worthiness. So, Refrain From Job Hopping, If You Have Applied For A Home Loan, Even If The Opportunity Seems Bright. Remember, As Part Of The Loan Appraisal Process, Your Lender Will Confirm Your Job Stability From Your Employer And Any Frequent Job Changes Would Score Negative. Your Application Can Stand Rejected If You Have Changed Your Job Often Within A Period Of One Year.

Avoid Residence Hopping, Too

You May Not Have Given It Much Thought But Changing Your Residential Address While You Have Applied For A Home Loan May Impact Your Chances In A Negative Way. All The Important Documents And Written Communication Would Be Delivered At The Address That You May Have Mentioned In The Application Form. The Same Address Will Be Verified By An Outsourced Agency Of The Lender, Too. The Report Thus Generated On The Basis Of Agency’s Visit Has To Be Positive For The Loan To Get Sanctioned.

No More Credit, Please

An Applicant Must Avoid Taking Any Other Loan Or Credit While Applying For A Home Loan. Apart From The Very Fact That It Will Increase Your Monthly Burden, One More Credit Means Lower Eligibility For Home Loan. In Calculation Of Your Home Loan Eligibility, Your Running Loans Are Also Taken In To Account. Even If You Apply Or Avail Of A Loan/ Credit After You Have Applied For A Home Loan, The Same Will Be Reported In Your Credit Report And Hence, Reach The Lender.

Long And Clean Credit History Is Good

A Long And Clear Credit History Actually Helps Your Lender Have A Better Idea About Your Repayment Behavior And Credit Worthiness And Can Improve Your Chances Of Securing A Loan. This Is Why Closing One Of Your Old Credit Card Accounts, Especially If It Has A Clean Repayment Track Record, May Be A Silly Decision.

Stop Bounces

A Cheque Bounce Is A Financial Offence. It Can Have A Negative Impact On Your Home Loan Application, Especially If Your Processing Fee Cheque Gets Bounced. An Applicant Must Ensure That He Maintains Minimum Average Balance Or Sufficient Amount In His Bank Account And Irregular Or Unusual Bank Transactions Must Be Avoided.

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Tips To Decorate Your Vacation Home


In Order To Escape From The City’s Hustle And Bustle, A Vacation Home Lends Much-Needed Respite From A Stressful Life. Wherever You Have Your Home , Whether In The Mountains Or Near The Sea-Side, The Décor Has To Be Completely Different But At The Same Time Reflect Your Signature Style.

Vacation Home Decorating Ideas Thane
Credit : Freepik.Com

Durable Linen

When Doing Up The Interiors, Make Sure That Fabric For Both Linen And Upholstery Is Durable. Invest In High-Quality Cotton That Is Easy To Clean And Maintain. What More? Cotton Is Perfect For Every Season. Make Sure You Have The Right Equipment Stored At This Home To Clean The Linen And Upholstery That Might Gather Dust Over Time. Opt For Bright Colours, Hues That Complement The Weather Outside. For Linen, Opt For Pastel Colours That Are Pleasing To The Eyes And Are Known To Relax The Mind.

Functional Furniture

Being In The Middle Of Nature You Would Want To Stay Outside More — In The Courtyard Or The Balcony. So, Opt For More Functional Furniture Which Is Not Just Beautiful But Can Also Withstand Harsh Weather Conditions, Including Cold, Humid As Well As The Rains. You Can Also Opt For A Single Set Of Furniture That Could Be Used Both Outdoors As Well As Indoors. For Instance, Invest In Folding Wooden Chairs And Table Set, Ottomans, Bean Bags, And Even Bar Stools. A High-Quality Wood Would Be Perfect For This Purpose.

Minimal Yet Statement

Away From Your City Home, Make Sure You Make This Home Minimal. Do Not Fill This Property With Too Much Of Decorative Items. The More Things, The Higher The Need For Maintaining Them. Be Minimal, Let The Feeling Of Leisure Seep In. In Fact, For This Property To Look Different From Your City Home, Add Only A Few Statement Pieces That Would Make You Feel Relaxed And Rejuvenated.

Crockery To Serve Many

Many A Time, We Go On A Vacation With Our Extended Family Or Friends. It Is Fun To Travel In Numbers. And, It Is Even More Fun To Cook Together, Serve Together And Eat Together. Well, To Cater To A Number Of Guests, Make Sure Your Vacation Home Is Well Equipped With Required Essentials And Crockery. You Won’t Find These Things On A Hill-Top Or On A Beach. Invest In Bigger Utensils That Could Cook A Good Amount Of Food, And A Set Of Crockery That Is Big In Number. Make Sure You Have All That You Need — From Glasses To Forks, And From Spoons To Cups.

Open Spaces

Leisure Is The Bottom-Line Of Any Vacation Home. The Idea Is To Get Away From The Crowded City, And A Limited-Sized Apartment. So, To Ensure You Breathe Well, Think Well And Feel Relaxed, Have A Lot Of Open Spaces In This Home. Have Sliding Glass Doors That Open To The Balcony, Which Mix The Exterior With The Interiors When Kept Opened. Construct An Open-Style Kitchen This Will Make Your Living Room Look Bigger And Feel Spacious. Also, To Add More, Create A Skylight On The Ceiling And Enjoy Stargazing At Night.

You Could Also Consider These:

– Mason Jar Flowers

Easy To Find Mason Jars Are A Budget Friendly Decor Item. These Can Be Used To Create A Colourful Garden Right At The Door Steps Of Your Vacation Home. Alternatively, You Can Hang Mason Jars Full Of Colour-Dyed Dried Flowers On The Wall. The Colourful Flowers Will Add A Fresh Feel To Your Vacation Home.

– Wood Framed Mirror

An Old Wood Framed Mirror Is A Great Décor Item To Add Character To Your Vacation Home. You Can Place It In Your Bedroom Or Living Room. Try To Go For Wood Framed Mirror That Will Give A Natural Feel To The Home. Now, Place This On A White Coloured Wall. Keeping A Flower Pot Near The Mirror Will Create A Beautiful Colour Contrast.

– A Small Rustic Table

Furniture Plays A Great Role In Determining The Final Appeal Created By The Vacation Home. A Small Rustic Table Placed On A Wooden Floor Is An Ultimate Décor Item For A Vacation Home. You Can Adorn This Table With Antique Flower Vase Or Picture Frames.


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