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Layouts And Facilities Are Increasingly Being Conceptualised To Facilitate The Female Head Of The House, Says Vijay Pandya

YOUR CHECKLIST Ensure The Following Elements While Looking For A New Home: 

There Was A Stage When Residential Projects Were Designed To Appeal To The Male Head Of The House, Since He Used To Make Home Purchase Decisions. However, With The Two Income Nuclear Family Concept Gaining Ground Over The Past Few Decades, Homes Are Be. Ing Designed In A Much More ‘Mother Friendly Manner. From Open Plan Kitchens That Allow Her To Chat And Interact With Family While Cooking Or Serving Food To The Niche Created For Appliances Like Washing Machines For Clothes And Vessels, Easily Accessible Drain-Age Outlets And Drying Balconies, Residential Projects Are Increasingly Being Conceptualised To Facilitate The Female Head Of The House. The Interior Layouts That Enhance Family Interaction And Provide A Feeling Of Being Together While Also Providing Privacy On The Eve Of Blother’s Day

2017, Let’s Examine The Various Aspects That Convert Apartments Into A Comfort Zone.

Good Morning

If Not A Balcony. Architects Ensure That There Is At Least A Corner Window Where The Mom Can Have Some Private Time With That First Cup Of Tea In The Morning Before Her Hectic Day Commences. A Few Potted Plants, A Bird Feeder And You Have A Tranquil Ambience.

Cleaning Comfort

From Flooring Material That Is Easier To Clean And Table Tops That Are Scratch Resistant To Specially Designed Mops There Are A Whole Range Of Options That Can Make A Home Look Spic And Span In A Jiffy.

Appliances Galore

Air Conditioners That Double Up As Heaters, Refrigerators With Rapid Ice Making Facilities. Cooking Ranges That Allow You To Cook, Heat And Grill Simultaneously While Occupying A Com-Pact Space, Even Coffee Warmers That Allow You To Enjoy A Hot Cup While Browsing Through The Newspaper Or Watching Your Favourite Serial, Life Is Much Easier For Working Mothers And Home Makers Alike.

Space Maximisation

A Small Table To Place A Laptop Or Net Book, A Small Workstation To House The Personal Computer That Also Doubles Up As A Study Area For Kids, There Are Many Ways In Which Mothers Balance Multiple Requirements. Wall Units With Meticulously Designed Wardrobes Ensure That There’s Enough Space To Sort Out The Preironed And Ironed Apparel. Box Beds With Easy To Slide Pullout Storage Beneath Provide Much-Needed Space For Extra Items.

Layout Logic

Over The Past Decade, One Has Seen The Emergence Of 1.1/2BHK Flats. 2-1/2BHK Flats And So On. The Trend Of Having Compact Bedrooms Or A ‘Half’ Bedroom Ensures That The Kids Have Some Space Of Their Own And Their Mother Has Some Degree Of Privacy With Her Husband Also.

Rejuvenation Recipe

Most Mothers Feel That A Home Should Be A Place Where You Have Comfort, Feel Peaceful And Pleasant. Locations That Are Quite Far From The Main Areas Ensure That When Family Members Return Home, There Is The Fresh Air, Greenery And Peaceful Atmosphere. This Is Very Important For Working Moms After Having Spent The Entire Day Sun Rounded By Crowds And Noise.

Fitness Fundamentals

The Presence Of Lifestyle And Health Facilities Like The Play Ground. Gym. Club House. Swimming Pool Within The Complex Premises Enables Mothers To Also Stay Fit While Unwinding Surrounded By The Serenity Of Water Bodies And Lush Greenery In Addition To Play Areas For Children, Gardens For Senior Citizens And Shopping Facilities Within Or Near The Project, The Presence Of Reputed Schools Is Another Major Advantage As They Reduce The Time Required For Managing Such Responsibilities.

Technology Triumph

Security Is One Aspect That Mothers Have To Worry A Great Deal About, Since Either They Are Alone At Home For A Large Part Of The Day Or Their Children End Up Being On Their Own After School. Starting With The Intercom Facility That Ensures No Visitor Enters The Building Without Confirmation From A Resident To Video Door Phones.

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Consider These Parameters Before Buying

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Gone Are The Days When You Would Buy A Home In The Twilight Years To Retire In. Times Have Certainly Progressed And Now We See An Increasing Number Of Younger Professionals, At The Peak Of Their Careers Swaying Towards Real Estate As A Viable Asset Purchase. However, Majority Of Them Are End Users (Or Aim To Be) In The Long Run.

Metrocities Like Mumbai And Delhi Where House Rents Have Grown At An Exorbitant Pace Are Seen To Be Leading This Trend. Whether The Intention Of Investment In A Real-Estate Property Is Motivated By Own Consumption Or As An Investment Purpose Purely But In The End. Both Inves-Tors And End Users Will Purchase The Property And Hence, Its Pertinent To Consider Some Key Parameters Before Making That Final Call. Different Motivations Will Imply One Is Looking At The Same Parameter Differently Accounting For The Macro Perspective.

Value Or Cost?

Having A Bird’s Eye View Of The Return On Investment Maximizing The Output At Minimal Capital Cost Is A Business Imperative For Each Investor As The Investment Is A Value Proposition For Them. The Minimal Investment Is Usually Comparatively Larger In Scale And Size And Is Also Measured Differently Due To The Return Value Aspect. End Users Do Not Tend To Look For An Absolute Financial Value

As It Is A Matter Of Consumption For Them And Not Income. Hence, The Parameters Tend To Differ Significantly Cost Is The Predominant Factor For Them, Guided By Their Budget. As There Is No Return Value Element To Balance The Cost, Their Budgets Are Limited And Inflexible. They Can Only Account For Possible Income Growth When Estimating A Long Term Budget.

Evaluate The Risks

This, However, Has Its Own Set Of Risks To Evaluate. As A Result. They Are Looking For The Lowest Cost Price Possible While Maximizing Use Of Their Entire Budget. The Value Achieved Is Nonmonetary In Nature And Its Valuation Against Any Price Point Will Vary From Person To Person. For Investors, Budgeting Is Much More Flexible. They Can Make Room For Much More Risk And Just Have To Ensure They Have Enough Capital To Stay Afloat In Times Of Crisis That A Delay Or Stalling Of The Project May Inflict. Additionally With REITs Coming Into Play They Can Now Diversify Their Investment Capabil It Ies Across Various Projects, Minimizing Risk End Increasing Returns. But Only In Commercial Offerering.

Assess Your Budget

Even With The Easy Availability Of Home Loans Endusers Have To Take Caution And First Assess Their Budget. This Will Also Take Into Account The Risk That Will Come With Taking A Loan Or Buying A Property.

Changes In Interest Rates Will Affect Their Ability To Repay The Loan And Until The Loan Is Repaid The Purchased Property Will Remain A Liability As Opposed To A High Potential Asset.

It Is Imperative That Buyers Assess Their Budgets First And Then Find The Right Property That Fits Within It In Terms Of Price And Deliverables (Amenities, Life-Style, Etc.).

Consider Credentials

Apart From These Factors, Every Home Buyer Will Have To Look At His Budget, Price And Assess Every Prospective Builder’s Credentials By Evaluating Their Past Performance To Ensure Transparency And Good Returns. Lastly, Remember, Innumerable Home Buyers Are Reaping The Benefits Of In-Vesting In Real Estate Irrespective Of The Geographies, Size Of The Apartment Etc. Every Day. Across The Country And This N. Wave Will Only Fto Continue To Grow Stronger.

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Particularly Intended for Senior Subjects

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A Glance At A Portion Of The Huge Loft Format Parameters That Truly Matter With Regards To Elderly Inhabitants And Their Uncommon Necessities

What Is The Importance Of Planning Homes Remembering Senior Natives?

As Seniors Age. Their Versatility. Faculties And Inclinations Change. They Have Diverse Difficulties With Ordinary Exercises Like Eating And Strolling. They See. Hear And Notice Things Distinctively Designing Particularly For Senior Citi. Zens Must Address These Physical And Passionate Changes.

Why Does It Should Be Done In A Particular Way With An All Encompassing Methodology?

Each Outline Ought To Begin With Security As A Need On The Grounds That The Practical Capacities Of Seniors Are Lessened. They Can Encounter Trouble Exploring The Assembled Condition. Seniors May Encounter Debilitating Joints, Poor Vision. Dedining Spatial Aptitudes Loss Of Hearing And Feebleness And Am At Higher Hazard For Falls And Wounds. Design. Hues. Surfaces. Lighting And Numerous Different Contemplations Are Calculates Making A Sheltered And Successful Recuperating Condition For Seniors. Washrooms Are Particularly A Region Which Should Be Given Most Extreme Focus:as Per A Between National Review More Than 30% Of Restroom Occurrences In Senior Subjects Prompt To HOS011alizatled.

What Are The Do’s And Don’ts To Be Taken After Planning Homes For Senior Natives And Why?

1. Have Sufficiently Bright Spaces: With Vision Debilitating Amid Maturity. Having A Well.Lit House Is An Absolute Necessity. In Spite Of The Fact That Everybody Feels Comfortable Around The House. There Is Dependably A Likelihood Of Unearthing Something. Great Lighting Mastermind Ment Can Help Stay Away From Such Mischances. In Spots Like Entries And Lavatories Which Senior Residents May Use All Alone Amid Rest Hours During The Evening. Utilization Of Sensor Based Lighting Can Be Investigated.

2. Installing Handrails: Install-Ing Handrails Works Out To Be Re Partner Accommodating. As You Don’t Need To Stress Over Them Losing Parity. Truth Be Told. Settling Handrails In Spots Separated From The Restroom, Where There Isn’t Anything To Clutch Is Likewise A Sensible Thing To Do. Like A Path You Can Even Mask The Hand-Rails To Resemble A Piece Of The Stylistic Theme Of Your Home. In Shower. Mothers, The Towel Pole Can Be Re-Put With A Hand Rail, Which Fills Both Needs.

3. Itting Antikid Tiles: Fitting Tiles Which Are Intended To Be Slide Evidence Would Take Away A Large Portion Of Your Stresses. These Tiles Don’t Have A Shiny Surface Not At All Like The Consistent Tiles And Subsequently, Help Avoid Washroom Mishaps.

4. Ave An Utilitarian Restroom: The Way Prompting To The Washroom Must Be Free Of Snags. Put Open To Fixing Before The Sink Or Shower For Preparing Purposes. Introduce Snatch Bars Close To The Shower, Tub And Can And Non-Slip Tiles On The Shower Floor. Introduce Non Slip Floor Tangles Outside The Shower Zone For Drying Feet After A Show-Er. Utilization Of Tubs For Showering Ought To Be Stayed Away From To The Extent Pos. Book Of Scriptures For Senior Cit Field As Get-Ting All Through Tubs With Wet Feet Ha Real Wellspring Of Lavatory Succumbs To Them. Latrine Seats For Senior Residents Can Beat A Taller Stature Than Typical For Less Demanding Sitting And Getting Up And In This Manner Limiting Danger Of Outing Ping While Utilizing The Can Situate.

5. Having A Plain Surface: Avoid Developing Heights Between The Passageways Of Every One Of Your Rooms To Keep The Elderly From Trek Ping Over It. Rather, Keep Up A Level Surfacr All Through The House With The Goal That It Gets Less Demanding For Them To Move Around. Particularly In The Event That They Are On A Wheelchair. An Other Thing You Could Do If The Elderly In Your Home Utilize A Wheelchair Is To Ox Scratch Re-Sistant Tiles Which Will Leave Your Tiles Tantamount To New, Until The End Of Time

A Portion Of The Customs For Planning Homes For Senior Residents Have Been Recorded Underneath:

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Changes That Will Affect Your Home Purchase !

A Look At The Important Budget 2017-18 Announcements And Their Implications For Seekers

The Budget 2017-18 Is Largely Positive For The Real Estate Sector. It Focuses On Stimulating Growth And Simplifying Laws To Enable Easier Administration. The Key Changes For The Sector Are As Follows: The Deduction Of 100% Of Profits For Certain Projects In The Affordable Housing Segment, Introduced In The Previous Budget Has Been Ftuther Rationalised Keeping In Mind The Practicalities Involved In Execution Of Realty Projects.

Time Limit

One Such Move Is The Extension In The Time Limit Allowed For Completion Of Projects To 5 Years Thereby Allowing Sufficient Time For The Developers To Complete Such Projects, Which Are Usually Large Scale. Furtheir, The Move From Built Up Area To Carpet Area For The Determination Of Size Restrictions Will Mean Larger Houses For The Segment. The Earlier Restriction Of Smaller Sizes Of 30 Metres For Peripheral Areas Of Metros Cities Is Now Retaxed And Thus The Incentive Is Likely To Spill Over To Such Locations, Which Could Incentivize Builders To Plan More Homes In The Affordable Segment Around The City Seams.

The Period For Characterization Of An Immovable Property As Long Term Has Been Reduced From 36 Months To 24 Months. Further. The Gamut Of Specified Assets Under Section 54EC For The Purpose Of Exemption Of Capital Gains Has Been Enlarged.

Improved Liquidity

This Improved Liquidity Will Unlock ‘Lands Which Were Otherwise Blocked In Real Estate Assets Only To Qualify For The Lower Tax Rate Under Long Term Capital Gains. It Also Puts Funds To Use In Fttrtherance Of Government Identified Objectives Like Infrastructure Through These Bonds. Further, It Is Proposed That The Base Year For Computing Long Term Capital Gains Should Be Moved From 1981 To 2001. This Change Should Considerably Reduce The Capital Gains Liability For Old Assets. In The Midst Of Interest Rate Subventions For Home Loans In The Specified Category And Easier Capital Gains Provisions Like Above, One Amendment Which

Hurts The Home Buyer Is That Of Limiting The Set Off Of Loss Under House Property. Essentially Set Off Of Interest Paid On Acquisition Of House Property Against Other Incomes Like Salary. Income From Other Sources Etc Has Been Restricted To Two Lakh In A Year. The Earlier Law In This Regard Allowed The Entire Interest To Be Set Off Against Other Incomes Under The Aforesaid Heads In Case The House Property Was Let Out.


The Above, Comes Along With Many Other Efforts That Will Boost The Sector And Further The Prime Ministers Dream Of Housing For All By 2022 The Most Celebrated One Being Industry Status To Affordable Housing, Increase In The Allocation To PMAY And The Permitted Re-Financing Of Individual Housing Loans By National Housing Bank.

The Target Of Building One Crore Houses By 2019 In Rural India And The Thrust To Infrastructure In The Form Of New Policy On Metro Rail And Increase Of Budget Allocation To Highways Will Positively Impact The Sector And Decongest Prime Areas And Cities.

Land Supply

Ironing Out The Issue Of Tax De-Ducted At Source In Case Of Com-Pensation Received On Compulsory Acquisition Of Land Where The Compensation Is Otherwise Exempted From Tax Is Another Move, Which Reduces Undue Hardships For Assesses. The Proposal To Amend Air-Ports Authority Of India Act To En-Able Effective Monetisat Ton Of Land Assets Will Increase Much Needed Supply Of Land For Development. While The Honourable Finance Minister Has Ironed Out Certain Difficulties For Tax Payers, Some Of The Much Awaited Changes Like In-Crease In Deductions With Respect To Rents Or Revision In Limits For Interest Deductions For Self-Occupied House Properties Have Been Left Unchanged. Lastly The Promise To Consider FUrther Liberalisation Of The FDI Policy Shall Provide The Necessary Impetus To The Sector In Terms Of Easier And Quicker Access To For-Eign Capital.



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Wallpapers: For Quick and Inexpensive Makeovers

Want A Textured Look On Your Walls Or A Scenic Backdrop, Without Having To Spend Too Much Money? We Tell You Ways In Which You Can Use Wallpapers, To Create A Decor Statement And Uplift The Feel Of A Space

Smart Use Of Wallpaper Can Add Sparkle To A Space And Complement The Overall Design Of The Room. Wallpapers Of Vibrant Colours, Textures And Materials Can Also Be Used As Accent Elements For The Entire Room.

“With A Wide Range Of Wallpapers, From 3D Stone Walls To Beautiful Hawaiian Scenery And Artistic Patterns Now Available In The Market, It Can Be Used To Immediately Set The Mood For A Space,” States Prashant Chauhan, Creative Director Of Zero 9 Design Firm.

Apart From The Ones That Are Available, Home Owners Can Also Opt For Customised Wallpapers – One Can Use Print Wallpapers With Metallic Patterns, To Make The Space More Regal, Or Opt For Contrasting Colours Of One’s Choice, To Brighten Up A Space.


Beauty As Well As Utility

Besides Aesthetic Appeal, Wallpapers Also Have Utility Value. “For Example, The ‘Writable Wallpaper’ Makes Perfect Sense For Homes With Children, Who May Try To Scribble On The Walls, As These Writings Can Be Easily Erased. Wallpapers With Higher Sound Absorbing Capacity Can Be Used In Home-Offices Or Meditation Spaces, Which Require Lesser Sound Interference,” Adds Chauhan.

Wallpapers Are A Reliable And Simple Way To Transform One’s Home During Festivals. Putting Up Wallpaper Is Not At All Time Consuming, Maintains Interior Designer Anish Motwani, Of Anish Motwani Associate. “However, If The Wall Has Any Leakage Problem, Then, The Wallpaper Will Peel Off. The Leakage Has To Be Stopped First And Wall Has To Be Treated. Small Cracks, Dampness, Etc., Should Be Repaired Before The Wallpaper Is Used,” Advises Motwani.

For Every Room

Light-Coloured Wallpapers, With Patterns That Add A Little Shine To The Surface, Are Ideal For The Living Room. Radhika Shahane, A Home Maker From Pune, Used The Colour White Extensively In Her Home’s Walls. “White Walls Make The Room Appear Spacious And Sophisticated. To Break The Monotony, I Used A Red Floral Print Wallpaper For The Dining Area. It Had A Dramatic Effect And Brightened Up The Entire Room,” She Shares. “To Make The Living Room Appear Glamorous, One Can Also Opt For Red And Gold Or Silver And Blue Wallpapers, As A Highlight On One Of The Walls,” Suggests Motwani.

Textured Wallpapers In A Neutral Colour, Can Be Used On The Wall Where The Television Is Mounted, Behind The Sofa Set, Behind The Bed, Or Even On The Entry Foyer Of The House. For The Children’s Room Opt For Writable/Washable Wallpapers, Or Even Themed Wallpapers Of Their Favourite Cartoons. For The Master Bedroom, It Is Advisable To Choose Cosy And Darker Tones.

How To Choose The Right Wallpaper

1.Decide The Theme Of The Room First And Then Select The Wallpaper (Floral Or Geometric Patterns, Vintage Or Indian Designs, Scenic Pictures, Animated Characters, Or Wallpapers With Silk, Vinyl, Jute, Velvet Or Metallic Effect).
2.The Patterns Should Match And Complement The Curtains And Other Upholstery.
3.Use Only One Or Two Hues Throughout The Room, To Avoid Visual Clutter.

One Can Choose Wallpapers From Various Brands, Such As Marshalls, India Circus (Krsna Mehta), Elementto, D’decor And Nilaya By Asian Paints. The Biggest Advantage Of Using Wallpapers, Is That It Can Be Changed Easily And Is Available In Various Budgets.


1.In Small Spaces, Vibrant Wallpapers Should Be Used Sparingly As A Bright Accent.
2.To Add A Luxurious Feel, Use Wallpapers With A Metallic Gold Effect.
3.Always Ensure That Good Quality Adhesive Is Used.
4.Avoid Wallpapers With Big Patterns, If The Room Is Small. Instead, Opt For Small Motifs That Make The Room Look Spacious.
5.Good Quality Wallpapers Will Easily Last For Five Years, If Used In A Proper Way.

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How are Home Loan Rates Charged by Banks and Housing Finance Companies

Basis Of Home Loan Interest Rates Charged By Housing Finance Companies

Housing Finance Companies (HFCs) Are Regulated By The National Housing Bank Limited (NHB), A Subsidiary Of The RBI. The Funding Of Housing Finance Companies, Is Different From Those Of Banks. So, The Basis Of Charging Interest On Home Loans Granted By Housing Finance Companies, Is Also Different From The One Adopted By Banks. These Companies Base Their Actual Lending Rates Against A Benchmark Rate, Which Is Called Benchmark Prime Lending Rate (BPLR). Interest Rates For All The Loans Are Calculated With Reference To This Rate. This Is Generally The Highest Rate That The Housing Finance Company Charges. So, A Majority Of The Home Loans, Are Given At A Rate That Is Below This PLR.


Drawbacks Of The PLR Regime


As No Borrower Can Know The Bottom Rate, At Which The HFC Grants Home Loans To Their Best Customers, This Basis Of Charging Interest Is Not Transparent, As You Never Know Whether You Have Got The Best Rate. Moreover, These Lenders Do Not Change Their PLR As Frequently As The Banks Change Their Rates. In Order To Entice And Get New Customers, Housing Finance Companies May Give More Discounts On Their PLR. This May Seem Unfair To Existing Customers, Who Remain Locked At Interest Rates With Lower Discount To The PLR. The Existing Borrower Will Get The Benefit Of Lower Rates, Only When The Lender Reduces Its PLR, Which Does Not Happen So Frequently.


Should Borrowers Opt For A Housing Finance Company Or A Bank?


Hence, If You Have A Good Credit Rating, It Is Advisable To Take The Home Loan From A Bank, Rather Than A Housing Finance Company. In Case You Want To Avail The Rate Which Is Offered To The New Customers, You Are Required To Pay A Switching Fee. Why Then, Do People Go To Housing Finance Companies? In A Majority Of The Cases, The Borrowers Have Some Problem, Either With The Documents Of The Property Or Their Income Proof Or A Bad Credit Rating. As This Carries Higher Risks For The Lender, A Higher Rate Of Interest Is Justified.


Basis Of Home Loan Interest Rates Of Banks


Earlier, Banks Also Used To Give Home Loans On The Basis Of The PLR. From July 2010, The RBI Introduced The Concept Of A ‘Base Rate’, For Computing The Lending Rates – A Rate Below Which The Banks Were Not Allowed To Lend Even To The Best Of The Borrowers. The Purpose Of Introducing The Base Rate, Was To Bring Transparency In The Transactions And To Ensure That The Banks Pass On The Reduction In Repo Rate To The Customers, Quicker Than What Was Happening Under The PLR Regime. The First Purpose Was Served, As The Base Rate Served As The Bottom Rate. Consequently, Borrowers Knew Exactly What Premium They Were Paying, Over The Best Of The Customers Who Could Get The Home Loan At The Base Rate.


Drawbacks Of The Base Rate Regime

However, The Banks Were Not So Quick, In Passing On The Benefits Of Reduced Repo Rates (The Rate At Which The Banks Borrow From The RBI). Moreover, Banks Devised Ways To Calculate Their Base Rates Differently. The Base Rate Was Supposed To Be Based On The Cost Of Funds For The Banks. However, As The Banks Had A Portfolio Of Old Deposits And Borrowings Carrying Higher Rates, This Resulted In Very Marginal Reduction In The Base Rates Every Time The RBI Reduced Its Repo Rate. This Is Evident From The Fact That While The RBI Reduced The Repo Rate By 175 Basis Points Between January 2014 And October 2016, The Banks Reduced The Base Rate By Only 50-75 Basis Points, Thus, Denying The Consumers The Benefits Of Reduction In The Repo Rate.


What Is The MCLR Regime?

To Ensure That The Banks Pass On The Benefits Of Reduced Repo Rates And Cost Of Borrowings To The Consumers Quicker, The RBI Made It Mandatory For All Banks To Link All The Loans To The Marginal Cost Of Their Borrowing For Different Tenures.

The Banks Are Supposed To Work Out The Marginal Cost Of Fund-Based Lending Rates For Different Tenures, Like Overnight, One Month, Three Months, Six Months And 12 Months, Unlike The Base Rate, Which Was Used For Lending By The Banks For Different Tenures, Without Looking At The Corresponding Borrowing Based On Tenure.

The Existing Home Loans Taken Under The PLR Or Base Rate Regimes, Shall Continue To Be Governed By The Respective Regime, Till The Loans Are Fully Repaid, Unless The Same Have Been Switched To MCLR. Also, The Home Loan Rates Will Not Change With Each Change In The MCLR, As The Banks Are Allowed To Have A Reset Period (Maximum Of One Year), Either Linked With The Date Of Disbursement Or A Pre-Determined Date, When The Home Loan Interests Will Be Aligned With The Existing MCLR.



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Thane Continues To Enjoy An Undisputed Position As Opposed To Its Other Realty Counterparts. What Gives It An Edge? Let’s Find Out…

Thane Is One Of The Top Few Realty Destinations That Has Performed Well, Despite A Series Of Slowdowns And Repercussions Posed By Demonetisation. The Robust Presence Of Commercial Realty In Thane Is A Very Big Advantage Due To Which Investors Are Expected To Continuously Put Their Money In This Buzzing Realty Destination.

Thane’s Unimpeachable Locational Advantage To The Current Commercial Business Districts (CBDs) Of Mumbai, Will Lead Corporates And Businesses To Set Up Their Offices Here In Order To Establish A Walk-To-Work Concept.Today, Thane Hosts Top Corporates And Businesses, Which Will Soon Witness Their Peers Acquiring Space Here As A Part Of Their Business Expansion Plans,“ Says Ateev Gala, Executive Director, Vijay Group.

Experts Point Out That The Last Decade, From 2007 To 2016, Saw A Tremendous Rise In The Residential Market Of Thane. Now, From 2017 Onwards, Thane Is Wellpoised To Witness Another Simultaneous Evolution Of Other Real Estate Asset Classes Such As Commercial And Retail, To Meet The Demands Of The Rising Urban Cosmopolitan Population That Will Continue To Make Thane Their Abode.


“Owing To Several IT Parks, Commercial Hubs And Malls Opening Up In Thane, There Has Been A Surge In Employment Opportunities, Thus Leading To A Surge In The Demand For Homes As Well. This, Along With The Correct Ongoing Infrastructure Work, I.E. Widening Of Existing Roads Cluster Policy TDR Policy And Other Favourable Policies, Has Led To The Development Of The City By Attracting Developers To Come To Thane,“ Suggests Munish Doshi, Managing Director, ACME Group.


There Are Around 30 Lakes In Thane, Due To Which The City Is Also Known As The `City Of Lakes’.Thane Is Home To Various Renowned Hospitals And Several Educational Institutes And Colleges. “History Has Proven That Any City, Which Has Excellent Infrastructural Facilities, Invariably Becomes A Social And An Economic Driver For The Region. Thane Is An Excellent Example Of The Same. The City Has Already Witnessed Enormous Infrastructural Development In The Last Few Years. The Ongoing Metro Rail Project WadalaGhatkopar-Thane Kasarvadavali, Will Add A Feather In The Cap.

Thane Has Two Botanical Gardens Too. Top Retail And Restaurant Brands Have Their Presence In Various Malls Located In Thane,“ Says Rima Pradhan, Senior Vice-President, Marketing, Viviana Mall. The City Is Also Witnessing The Development Of Many IT Parks, Which Will Again Attract A Large Number Of Realty Investors.


Neha Jain, A Homemaker And Resident Of Thane (E) Says, “Things Are Changing Rapidly Here. Grocery And Vegetable Vendors Offer Door-To-Door Services Now. Earlier, We Used To Go To Mumbai To Shop But Now, We Have Several Shopping Malls Here In Thane; Therefore, Accessibility And Self-Sustainability Are Easily Achieved.“

“Apart From Employment Opportunities, Other Facilities Too Are Becoming Accessible As Com Mercial Properties Are Being Looked Upon As A Part Of The Vicinity. With International Schools, State-Of-The-Art Hospitals, Restaurants, Malls, Entertainment And Recreational Activities Today, Thane Has Everything That Defines A Better Lifestyle. This Has Surely Been The Catalyst In Pushing Up The Liveability Index And Speeding Up The Growth Story Of This Vital Suburb,“ Opines Vihang Sarnaik, Director, Vihang Group.


According To Experts, Since It Is Strategically Located, Thane Is Well-Connected To Mumbai As Well As Nasik RoadThaneKalyan-Belapur Road (Which Houses The Majority Of IT Parks Like Dhirubhai Ambani Knowledge City, Mindspace, Etc)And Ghodbunder Road, Thus Connecting The Bombay-Ahmedabad Highway. Thane Was The First Suburb To Have A Number Of Bridges And Major Roads Have Been Widened And There Is Very Little Traffic Congestion Here.

Lalit Makhijani, Chief Marketing Officer, Godrej Properties Ltd Explains, “Owing To Its Affordability And Connectivity To Mumbai, Thane Started Witnessing A Massive Demand From The Increasing Population. This Also Led Branded Developers To Foray Into The Thane Market And Build Its Residential Portfolio.

Ghodbunder Road Has Played A Very Crucial Role In The Development Of The District. Owing To Its Connectivity, It Has Been A Hub Of Residential And Commercial Development. It Has Become A Lucrative Investment Destination For Budget Homes As Well As Luxury Home-Buyers, Thus, Making Thane The Most Sought-After Residential Destination In And Around Mumbai.“ The Proposed Metro Line, Which Is Expected To Cover More Than 50 Per Cent Of Thane, Will Further Enhance The Connectivity, Both Internally And Externally.


“Micro-Markets Such As Thane Have The Luxury Of A Bullish Infra Story, Which Is Not Found In Markets Like Mumbai. The Fresh Supply Of Units From Grade A Developers In Thane Presents A Horde Of Opportunities For Buyers, Thus Enabling Real Estate Prices To Remain In Control. Investors In Such Markets Also Benefit From Good Deals And Flexible Payment Plans, All Without Skimping On Quality. And So, Investors Attribute These Factors To The Upside Of Investing In Thane. This Is True For Areas Like Thane, Which Will Provide Robust Returns As The Demand For Destinations Closer To IT And Commercial Hubs Increase,“ Suggests Gaurav Sawhney, President Sales, Piramal Realty.

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