Sample flats have become a popular tool used by developers worldwide to showcase their residential developments. However, should you make a purchase decision simply on the basis of that? We help you decide better.

Time conscious home-buyers are looking to secure a profitable deal with the ease of investing safely. There are various avenues that offer a secure investment of property from a real estate developer. One of the means is to know the builder first-hand while looking for UNDER- CONSTRUCTION PROPERTY. Developers who wish to show under-construction flats usually have the option of sample flats that are put up for representational purposes only.

A potential buyer has the option of seeing the final layout of the flat near the sales office of the real estate builder. This reduces the risk and hassle of properties under-construction and generates high investments from investors. However, a potential buyer has to be very cautious when looking at investing in a flat and this decision shouldn’t be based on seeing only the sample flat. In fact, even when there are other factors like location, costs, area, etc, sometimes more weightage is given to the appearance alone. Many a times, builders do the interiors of the sample flats in a way to make it look more ‘spacious’ and give the feeling of it being a ‘premium space’.

“Buyers who take the decision solely on the basis of the sample flat need to be careful and question the builder’s salesperson about ‘what items of the sample flat will be provided by the builder in the actual flat – paints, flooring, sanitary ware, wallpaper, modular kitchen, etc,”

Sample flats are made to look attractive, spacious and give a premium feel to the potential buyers. Developers generally use very high quality decorative materials and glass to attract the attention of the potential buyers. Often these flats have small size furniture to appear more spacious.

In the current real estate market scenario, people are willing to gain full knowledge about investment options and builders, thereby eliminating the situation of incurring monetary losses. “Probable customers can conduct a thorough inspection after 60-70 per cent of the building is constructed in order to ensure that the purchased flat fits the features of the sample flat. You will get to see all variants of flats like 1, 2 BHK SAMPLE FLATS. Prefer watching the Sample Flats which are available inside the building not that is constructed outside.

Factors Tie Home-Buyers Should Keep In Mind While Visiting a Sample Flat :-

  1. Use of rich furnishings, upholstery, high-end furniture and fitting colour schemes give the room a grand, wide and bigger look;
  2. Absence of doors between rooms makes the space look bigger, use of gypsum walls, mirrors in the room and placement of small furniture make the rooms look big;
  3. Placement of artificial lighting confuses the end buyer on the amount of natural light the apartment will get;
  4. Also, the sample flat might include false ceilings made of PoP mouldings, which may or may not be included in the buyer’s apartment.
  5. Sample flats are mostly furnished with modular kitchen, geyser attachments and ACs and wood work here and there, of which what is included in the buyer flat is ambiguous. Thus, a potential buyer has to be careful of these elements and then should make the home-buying decision accordingly.



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Near Teen Petrol Pump, Thane(w) – 400602

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