Top 5 Benefits of Living near your Workplace

Do you wonder about the productive man hours you end up wasting everyday while travelling to your workplace? Here are five advantages of living near your office or workplace:

With expanding city limits and rising population, commuting has become a major hassle for most people. Majority of office-goers find themselves spending a lot of unnecessary time in traffic. Not only do long travelling hours result in frequent late arrivals at the office, but it also affects the employee’s productivity. This issue has given rise to the walk-to-work culture, wherein people live in close proximity to their offices. Urban centres such as Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai, Thane and Hyderabad are witnessing a rise in this trend since these cities face tragic congestion in peak hours and daily commute to the workplace can be a daunting task for many.

Experts agree that living close to offices has some valuable advantages which cannot be ignored.

Here are five such benefits:

Saves time

The biggest and most obvious advantage of living close to the office is that it saves a lot of time which would otherwise have been spent stuck behind the wheels of a car or in the public transport. In metropolitan cities like Mumbai and Bangalore, it is very common for people to spend about two hours getting to the office which translates into four hours wasted every day. Now, if people were to live near their offices, it would end up saving them over 80 hours a month!

Saves money

Another advantage of living near the office is that you can save a lot of money which would have been spent on the medium of commuting. irrespective of whether you have a personal vehicle or use public transport. This advantage is most noticeable for those who own vehicles and frequently complain about the rising fuel costs that burn a hole in their wallets. By staying close to the office, you can significantly reduce the commute costs as well as lower the wear and tear of the vehicle which means lower maintenance expense.

Reduces pollution

Staying closer to the work place is not beneficial just for you but also helps the environment. The more time you spend in vehicles, the more pollution you create. By cutting down your commute time, you inadvertently help the earth and all its inhabitants too. Hence, living near the office is an eco-friendly gesture and helps you reduce your carbon footprint.

Health benefits

Choosing to live near your office or work place can also have great health benefits as it allows you to reach your office on foot or on a cycle. Cycling or walking to the office instead of spending hours crammed in buses or metro is a great way to get some exercise into your busy schedule. Even a few minutes of such daily exercise is much better than a completely sedentary lifestyle.

Alternatively, the extra time that you spend in travelling to work can be dedicated to physical fitness. People prefer to spend 8-9 hours at work and rush to the gym, yoga center or any other form of exercise routing they undertake to beat the pressures of corporate jobs.


Having a home near the workplace provides an employee with greater flexibility in his daily schedule. You do not need to wake up as early to get to the office on time as the office will be a delightful stroll or cycle ride away. It also allows you to the flexibility to reach home quickly in case of an emergency or just break for lunch. Fresh, homemade meals instead of the unhealthy office sandwiches further add to the health benefits of living near the office.

Thus, living near to the office has immense benefits which can help you escape the daily hassle of commute and claim greater control over your time. Whether you use this time to spend with your family or pursue other interests, it is clear that living near your office can contribute to a better work-life balance, the lack of which is often the reason behind people stressing out easily.

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