Create walls that ‘wow’ visitors

An A-Z Guide For Treating And Maintaining The Surrounding Surfaces Of Your Residence To Ensure They Are Interesting To Look At And In Sync With The Latest Decor Trends

The Process Of Creating Amazing Walls Begins With Treatments. First, Prime The Wall With A Quality Sealer. One That Matches With The Right Kind Of Wall Is An Ideal Primer. Next, Use A Good Quality Exterior Paint Like Acrylic Latex Paint That Has Better Wet Adhesion.

Finally, For The Look And Feel, The Wall Paint For Exteriors Are Mostly Textured To Add Tactile Property To The Surface Which Means To Avail A Sense Of Touch For A Building Mass. The Paint Surface Must Have A Property Or Character To Compliment Outdoor Landscape.

For Combating Problems Like Seepage, We Suggest Use Of Silicon Based Paints That Sustain For Longer Durations In Extreme Conditions. Certain Companies Excel In Creating Technical Paints That Act Like A Perfect Skin To A Facade. Paints That Have Elasticity Help In Combating Exposure To Minor Plaster. Vinyl Based Wallpapers Help In Fighting Moisture And Are Commonly Used For Bathroom And Kitchen Walls.

Trending Colours

Warm And Diffused Colours Are In Trend. Shades Of Grey And Beiges Are Quite Popular. Subduing Colours Like Pink, Which Achieve New Shades Like Brandy Or English Pink Help In Adding An Element Of Freshness. Tones Of Grey Also Merge Well With Landscapes Yet Help In Appreciating Performances Of Other Materials.

Textured Surfaces

In Textured Surfaces, Patterns Are Inspired From Various Concepts Like Mediterranean Plaster Finish To Avail An Organic Characteristic For A Structure. The Textures Can Also Be Inspired From Various Textiles, Primarily Handloom. Diffused Colours Aid In Lending Pop In A Muted Facade. For Instance, If You’d Like To Incorporate Cobalt Blue Or Hot Pink, Working With A Few Colour Wash Techniques Such As Colour Gradient Is Advised. This Ensures Bawdiness Of Primary Colours Is Balanced. Fabric Finish, Canvas Finish Or Vinyls Are Versatile In Application As Well As Lending Visual Character To The Space.

Inspirational Options

Wall Art And Decals With Trending Prints Are In Vogue And Wallpapers Are Really Helpful In Applying Art In Interiors Easily. An Artistic Adaptation Of The Ancient Warriors, Nobleman And Horse Guards, Traditional Folklore, Indian Textiles, Mughal Bagh, Architecture, Paintings Make For A Fitting Wallpaper Print Trend.

One Could Also Create Their Own Graphic Inspired From Various Styles, Blend Them And Digitally Print On Canvas Or Vinyl For Custom Made Wall Finish. Wall Motifs Don’t Seem To Wear Off And Help In Incorporating Transitional Character To Modern Interiors. Wallpapers Inspired From Textiles Are The Hottest Trend To Follow. Textile Inspired Textures Like Ikat, Kilim, Block Print, Mediterranean Finishes, Mughal Pattern, Bohemian Art, Poetry Fabric Patterns Are Fun To Play With. Metallic Wall Coverings For Accent Walls Is A Quick And Arresting Decor Improvement Hack. Printed Fabric On A Canvas As A Headboard Is Another New Way To Mount Art On Wall. Wallpapers On Ceilings Instead Of Side Walls Also Lend Novelty To A Space.


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