5 Must-Have Smart Home Appliances for Home Buyers

In An Era Where Everything From Your Phone To Books Is A Smart Appliance, It Is Only Understandable That One Would Also Be Looking For A ‘Smart’ Home. What Exactly This Entails Is A Lengthy Narration, But Here Are A Few Appliances That We Think Could Essentially Make Your Life Much Simpler And More Comfortable.

5 Must-Have Smart Home Appliances for Home Buyers

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Smart Home Appliances For Home Buyers

1) A Smart Home Security System

With The Help Of Such A Device, You Can Keep Watch Over Your House And Your Kids’ Safety All The Time. You Can Get A 100 Percent Wireless Wi-Fi Security Camera Equipped With Night Vision, To Give You Crystal-Clear High-Definition Video Around The Clock. In Most Cases, These Cameras Are The Size Of Your Fist, Are Weatherproof And Work Smoothly Even After Continuous Usage. Some Of These Home Automation Systems Use Cameras That Are Battery Operated, So You Can Set Up The Camera Wherever You Want To Without Worrying About Finding A Power Outlet Or The Hassle Of Inconvenient Power Cords. You Can Not Only Watch Live Streamed Or Recorded Videos But Also Control This System With An App On Your Mobile Phone From Anywhere.

2) Internet-Enabled Smart Switch

A Wi-Fi Enabled Switch Lets You Turn On Or Off Your Electronic Devices From Anywhere. These Switches Provide A Wireless Control For TVs And Stereos, Lamps And Heaters, Fans And Coolers, All By Using Your Existing Wi-Fi Network. All You Have To Do Is Download The Free WeMo App On Your Smartphone Or Tablet, Plug The Switch Into An Outlet At Home And Plug Any Device Into The Switch. These Smart Home Appliances Give You Wireless Control Of Your Other Electronic Devices And Gadgets.

The Switch Also Operates Over Mobile Internet, Which Means You Can Control Home Devices From Anywhere In The World. The App Makes It Easy To Set Schedules For Appliances And Electronics In Your Smart Home. Use Your Smartphone Or Tablet To Program A Fan To Turn On Or Off At A Certain Time Of Day, At Sunrise Or Sunset. So Now You Can Switch On Your Music System To Go Full Blast Every Morning To Wake You Up! Or You Can Program Your AC To Start Cooling When It Is Time For You To Come Home From Work Or School.

3) Smart Cleaning Robot

Our Busy Lives Often Don’t Give Us Enough Time To Do Our House Cleaning. When We Do Make Time Rarely, We Easily Get Tired Of Dragging The Heavy Vacuum Cleaner To All Corners Of The House. In Such Cases, A Robot Vacuum Cleaner Comes To Rescue You. These Home Automation Robot Vacuum Cleaners Look Like A Sleek Black Disc. Using A Pair Of Rotating Extractors Instead Of Brushes, This Robotic Device Acts As Your Own House-Cleaning UFO, Ridding Your Floor Of All Kinds Of Dirt And Debris. At The Bottom End, There’s A Discreet Compartment Where All The Dirt Collects. All You Have To Do Is Empty This When It’s Full; It Easily Pops Out And Clicks Back In Place.

One Can Also Schedule Such Robotic Cleaners To Clean At A Specific Time. Say, If You Want It To Vacuum Every Monday, Wednesday And Friday At 3 Pm, It’s Just A Matter Of Pressing A Couple Of Buttons To Schedule This. You Will Be Amazed At The Ability Of This Cleaner To Clean Along Corners, Around Furniture Legs, Under The Beds, Rough Edges And All Kinds Of Nooks And Crannies, Letting You Relax While It Takes Care Of All Your House Cleaning Chores!

4) Smart Lighting

Imagine Coming Home After A Hard Day’s Work. As You Sit Down On Your Favourite Armchair And Switch On The Lights, Your Favourite Songs Start Playing In The Room. These Newly Arrived LED Bulbs Make This Scenario Possible. These Pearl White, Easy-To-Install Speakers Make For Quirky LED Lamps In Your Room. Just Plug These Smart Home Appliances Into Your Regular Bulb Holder And Play Music Through Any Bluetooth-Enabled Mobile Phone, Tablet Or Laptop. Both The Light And Speakers Operate Independently, So You Can Switch Off The Bulb While Still Playing The Music Or Vice-Versa.

There Is Also An Infrared-Connectivity-Based Remote For Changing The Sound Track. So Once You Set Your Soundtrack With Your Smartphone Initially, You Can Control The Music Directly Using The Remote Control After That.Unlike Other Bluetooth-Based Speakers, This Doesn’t Require Any Charging And Runs On Electricity. The LED Bulb Comes With Low Power Consumption And Features Two Colour Modules – Cool White For High Brightness And Light Yellow For Soothing Mood Lighting. Here’s An Appliance That’s Both Smart And Cool!

5) Wi-Fi Enabled Air Conditioner

Indian Summers Can Be Very Tough! The Hot And Humid Climate Along With The Harsh Blazing Sun Sucks The Energy Out Of People. However Comfortable Your New Home May Be, One Just Cannot Escape The Heat Waves. A Smart Solution Would Be To Get Yourself The Newly Launched Wi-Fi Enabled Air Conditioners.

Your Home Automation Is Incomplete Without These Wi-Fi Enabled ACs Which Use Your Home’s Wi-Fi Network To Connect With Your Phone And Also Works On 2G, 3G And 4G Data Networks. They Can Be Controlled From Anywhere Through Your Phone, If You Have A Working Internet Connection. The AC Connects To Your Phone Like It Would To A Remote. The ‘Away’ Mode On The AC Tracks Your Smartphone’s Current GPS Location And Accordingly Switches The AC Off To Conserve Power If You Are Out Of Range. You Can Also Use Your Phone To Turn On Your Air Conditioner Before You Reach Home, So When You Reach Home Tired And Sweaty From School/College/Work, You Are Greeted By A Cooled Room. These Smart ACs Are Here To Stay!

With Even One Of These Devices Tucked Under Your Belt, Life Is Sure To Become Immeasurably More Comfortable And Fun. You Personalise Your Desktop, Phone’s Wallpaper, Workstation Desk And Bedroom Décor. With These Smart Home Appliances, You Have The Opportunity To Personalise Your Entire Lifestyle As Well!


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1 Bhk Flat Vs 2 Bhk Flat ? Which One to Choose.

1 BHK Flat Vs 2 BHK Flat ? Which One To Choose According To Your Family Size

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The Real Question

As The Urban Lifestyle And Pace Is Evolving Rapidly, Our Choices And The Approach

Towards Everyday Life Is Taking The Needful Curve. Though A Family Is Seen As One Unit, If Dissected, It’s A Fusion Of Individuals Of Different Age Groups Living Together. Individuals Who Need Their Space, Their Time But That Too By Staying Together In A Harmonious Space. Today’s Nuclear Family Is A Live Example Of Improved Functionality That Keeps Up With The Evolving Pace Of Life. The Question Of Choosing A 1 BHK Or 2 BHK Flat In Thane Can Leave Many Profusely Puzzled. So, Here’s An Overview For You To Decide.

1 BHK : A Beginning

1 BHK Flats Are Perfectly Sized For A Newly Married Couple. It Is Ideal For The Beginners As They Are Priced Low And Don’t Make You Stretch Your Budgets Profusely. If You Are Looking For An Investment, 1 BHK Is A Perfect Option For You Too. However, A Family Should Be Switch Ready In The Future. As The Family Expands From Two To Three Or More It Demands More Space. This Can Act A Perfect Ladder If You Don’t Wish To Spend More On A Space For Now. As The Property Value Increases Overtime, Your 1BHK Can Help You Reach That Larger Space Which You Would Aim Few Years Down The Line.

2 BHK : Space & Grace

When It Comes To Space; The More, The Better. A 2 BHK Gives A Growing Family The Ideal Space. As Children Grow Up, Having Their Own Space Turns Out To Be A Significant Aspect Which Needs To Be Addressed With Time. A 2 BHK Flat In Thane Seems More Welcoming For The Relatives And Friends Who Would Want To Stay Over. An Additional Bedroom Adds More To The Grace And Space Of A House. At Namrata Group, Considering Both The Sides; We Thoughtfully Design Spaces To Fit Your Needs.

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Get Your Home Monsoon Ready

How Can Home Owners Ensure That Their Homes Are Ready For The Rains And Ensure That It Does Not Cause Any Harm To The Safety And Beauty Of The Home? We Offer Some Suggestions

While The Arrival Of The Monsoon Season May Bring Relief To Many, After The Sweltering Heat Of Summer, It Is Also The Time To Prepare And Protect The Home. Leakages Not Only Damage The Look Of The Home But Can Also Spoil The Interiors, Including Furniture And Furnishing. Home Owners, Hence, Should Check For The Smallest Signs Of Damage And Take Prompt Action, To Ensure That The Problem Does Not Become Uncontrollable.


Get your home monsoon ready

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Water-Proof Your Home

Water-Proofing Protects The Structure From Extreme Rainfall And Also Saves On Repair Cost And Hassle, In Terms Of Breakage And Weakening Of The The Structure.

Water Seepage And Dampness Can Also Pose Serious Health Hazards, As Dampness And Cracks Lead To The Growth Of Fungus, Moulds And Algae. Dampness Can Cause Home Owners To Develop Allergic Reactions, Asthma, Irritations In The Nose, Eyes And Throat And Other Respiratory Ailments, Cautions Sanjay Bahadur, Global CEO, Construction Chemical Division, Pidilite Industries Ltd. These Problems Can Be Avoided, If A Little Precaution Is Taken. “Different Surfaces Are Exposed To Diverse Challenges. Hence Each Surface Needs The Right Kind Of Water-Proofing. Merely Water-Proofing The Roof, Is Not Enough To Ensure A Leak-Free Home. The Home Will Be Fully Protected, Only When All Five Possible Areas For Water Entry – Below The Ground, Internal Wet Areas (Bathroom, Kitchens And Balconies), Roof, Concrete Water Tanks And Exterior Walls – Are Properly Water-Proofed. All Broken Plasters And Cracks Should Also Be Repaired,” Adds Bahadur.

Check The Surrounding Area Of The Building

Prior To The Monsoon, Also Check The Surrounding Area Of The Building Compound, Or The Garden Area Of The Bungalow. “Check If Any Tree Branches In The Garden Or Terrace Are Weak And Need Trimming, Lest They Give Way In A Heavy Downpour And Cause Damage. Make Sure That The Drainage In The House Or Even Outside The Villa Is Checked For Blockages. Metal Doors, Frames And Grills Of Windows And Balconies Should, Ideally, Be Given A Coat Of Paint Before The Monsoon, To Prevent Rusting And Corrosion,” Says Prachi Chavarkar, Co-Founder Of ArchiLab Designs.

“Water And Electricity Is A Dangerous Combination. For Outdoor Usage, Opt For Electrical Switches And Lights That Are Designed For External Usage. Also, Get An Electrician To Check All The Connections Before The Rains, To Avoid Chances Of Electric Shock Or Short-Circuit,” Adds Chavarkar.

Keep The Home Pest-Free

Puddles And Stagnant Water Are Common During The Monsoons. As Mosquitoes Breed In Stagnant Water, One Should Keep Areas Like Air-Conditioner Ducts, Drains, Trays Beneath Potted Plants, Etc., Clean And Dry. Clean The Terrace And Rainwater Drainage Pipes Of Dried Leaves, So That Water Can Flow Easily And Not Stagnate. Before Laying A Carpet On The Floor, Ensure That The Floor Is Completely Dry. Alternatively, Roll Them Up And Store Them Away For The Season. Vacuum And Air Them Well And Keep Camphor Balls Along With The Carpets, Before Putting Them Away.

“It Is Better To Do A Pest Control Treatment Before The Monsoon, So That All The Hidden Worms And Bugs Are Eradicated From The House. Use Antibacterial Fluids For Mopping The Floors, As Dampness Can Encourage The Growth Of Bacteria And Termites. Opt For A Cleaning Agent, Which Is Designed To Keep Bugs Away. Indoor Plants Not Only Add To The Moisture Level In The House But Also House Insects. Hence, Keep Potted Plants Outside During This Season,” Says Shantanu Garg, Founder And Creative Director Of Shantanu Garg Designs.

Caring For Furniture And Accessories During The Monsoon

When Cleaning Furniture, Avoid Using A Wet Cloth And Instead, Replace It With A Dry Cloth. “All Leather Bags, Belts And Shoes Should Be Kept In Cotton Or Muslin Bags, As This Will Keep Them New. Also, Instead Of Placing Footwear Directly On The Shelf, Place A Newspaper First And Then, Keep The Shoes On It. This Will Keep The Shoe Rack Clean,” Adds Garg.

Home Maintenance Tips For The Rainy Season

1. To Get Rid Of The Damp Moist Smell In The Rainy Season, Use Scented Candles And Burning Oils.

2. Ensure That The Clothes Are Completely Dry, Before Keeping It In The Wardrobes. Keep Silica Gel Pouches In Cupboards Or Between Clothes, To Soak Up The Moisture And Prevent The Growth Of Fungus. Also, Put Some Dried Neem Leaves (Not On The Clothes) Or Naphthalene Balls In The Cupboard, To Keep Fungus And Mildew Away.

3. Keep The Kitchen Area Dry. When Cleaning The Cabinets, Keep Them Open For Some Time To Prevent Bad Odours And Moisture From Being Trapped Inside.

4.Install Metal Canopies And Shades Over Windows And Balconies, To Prevent Water From Coming In.

5. Place A Small Bucket Near The Main Door, To Keep Wet Umbrellas. Allow The Umbrella To Dry, Before Keeping It Back In Its Place Inside The House.

6. Light A Few Pieces Of Camphor In A Diffuser As Camphor Is An Effective Mosquito Repellant.


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Simple energy saving tips for home owners

We Look At How Home Owners Can Decrease The Energy Consumption In Their Homes Substantially, By Making A Few Simple Changes

With Climate Change Affecting People Across The Globe, Energy Conservation Is No More A Choice But A Must For All. As Buildings Are One Of The Largest Sources Of Energy Consumption, Conservation Should Start At Home, Through Behavioural Changes That Ensure That We Have Energy-Efficient Homes.

“Each Of Us Should Consciously Evolve Ways, To Avoid Wastage Of Scarce Resources Such As Water And Power, In Our Homes. The Problem With Urban Planning Today, Is That Building Structures Are Guzzlers Of Energy. Their Design Is Based On The Assumption Of Limitless Supply Of HVAC (Heating, Ventilation And Air-Conditioning) Resources. No Effort Is Being Made To Tap Renewable Energy, To Meet The Need For Power. There Is An Urgent Need To Revisit Climate-Sensitive Concepts Of Indigenous Architecture, To Design And Construct Multi-Storeyed Buildings, While Making Appropriate Use Of Advanced Building Technologies,” Says Anthony Raj, Founder-Director Of The Center For Indigenous Architecture.

Flats in Ghodbunder Road Thane

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Opt For Energy Efficient Appliances

According To Pune-Based NGO, Prayas Energy Group, Residential Electricity Consumption Has Gone Up By 50 Times Since 1971 And Now Forms About A Quarter Of India’s Total Electricity Consumption, Up From About Four Per Cent In 1971.

Aditya Chunekar A Fellow Of Prayas Energy Group, In The Research Area Of Energy Efficiency, Maintains That Consumers Should Opt For Energy-Efficient Appliances.

Citing An Example, He Says That An Energy-Efficient 1.5-Ton Split Air-Conditioner Can Utilise 30-40 Per Cent Less Electricity Than An Ordinary 1.5-Ton Split Air-Conditioner, Used For The Same Amount Of Time. “The Total Residential Energy Consumption Can Decrease, With The Use Of Energy-Efficient Appliances. Studies Reveal Overall Savings Of 15-25 Per Cent From The Use Of Efficient Appliances. Air-Conditioners Consume Much More Energy Than All The Other Appliances Combined. Refrigerators Can Also Contribute To 25-50 Per Cent Of The Electricity Consumption In A Household. An Inefficient Refrigerator Can Increase The Annual Electricity Bill Of A Household By As Much As Rs 4,000-5,000, In Some Cases. So, It Is Important For A Consumer To Choose Appliances With Five-Star Rating,” Chunekar Explains.

Energy Efficiency In Homes, Where The Construction Is Complete

The Challenge With Ready-Made Homes, Is That The Buyer Has No Control Over The Exterior Façade Design, Like Shading Structures And Type Of Windows Installed In The Homes. “If The Buyer Has Control Over These Features During The Construction Phase, Well And Good. Otherwise, There Are A Few Things That Can Still Be Done, To Reduce Energy Consumption In The Home,” Points Out Mathan Ramaiah, Director Of Design, Fountain Head Design (FHD) Group.

“Replace Light Fixtures With CFL (Compact Fluorescent Light) Or LEDs (Light-Emitting Diodes) If They Are Not Already Installed. Proper Size Of The AC Is Also Important. An AC That Is Too Small, Means That It Will Run At Full Load, Which Wastes Energy And During Peak Hours, It Cannot Produce Enough Cooling. Oversized ACs Will Also Lead To Loss Of Energy. The Best Practice Is To Set The Temperature At Around 24 Degrees And Wait Till The Room Cools Down,” Says Ramaiah.

Home Owners Can Even Use Shading Devices Over The Windows, To Reduce The Heat Gain. “For Example, One Can Have Bamboo Blinds On All The Balconies. This Reduces The Exposure Of Walls To Direct Sunlight And Improves The Thermal Comfort Within The House,” Raj Elaborates.

Solar Panels For Electricity Generation For All Common Areas And Common Amenities, Can Also Help Energy Conservation, Adds Ramaiah. “It Is More Economical For A Community To Install Solar Panels Than An Individual Home. As A Community, One Can Also Install Biogas Plants, Where All Kitchen Waste Can Be Segregated And Put Into The Plant To Generate Electricity. The Advantage Of Biogas Plants Is That They Store Energy In The Form Of Gas That Can Be Used Whenever Required,” Suggests Ramaiah.

Dos And Don’ts For Saving Energy At Home

– Opt For Energy-Efficient Appliances, BEE (Bureau Of Energy Efficiency)-Labelled Or Eco-Star Products.

– Clean The Filters In Air-Conditioners Regularly. Insulated Walls And Roofs Decrease The Heat Gain And Reduce Load On Air-Conditioners.

– When Doing Laundry, Only Run The Washer When There Is A Full Load. Once Done, Hang The Clothes Out To Dry Under The Sun Instead Of Using The Dryer.

– Unplug Any Battery Chargers Or Power Adapters And Switch Off Devices Completely, When Not In Use.

– When Leaving The House Ensure That All Lights Are Off. Have A Master Switch At The Entrance, To Switch Off The Lights.

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9 natural DIY tips to cool your home this summer


Electricity-Guzzling Air-Conditioners And Coolers, Are Not The Only Ways To Beat The Summer Heat. Try These Natural, Do-It-Yourself Tricks Instead

“ACs And Coolers Are Fine, But Nothing Evokes My Memories Of Childhood Summers Like A ‘Khus Ki Tatti’,” Says Gurugram-Based Businessman, Avinash Arora. Confused? Arora Spent His Summer Vacations In A Little Town Named Tundla In UP. North Indian Summers Are Infamous For Their Intense Heat, Which Can Even Prove Fatal. Very Few Things Can Help You Survive Such Weather And A ‘Khus Ki Tatti’ Is One Of Them, The Businessman Maintains.

A ‘Khus Ki Tatti’ Is A Wholly Natural Blind/ Curtain Mat That Is Made Of Reeds And Special Grass, Laid Out Neatly In A Box And Complete With Water Pipes For Drip Wetting. This Mat Is Laid Across Open Doorways And Windows And Helps Lower The Temperature Indoors.

Builder in Thane | Home Tips and Tricks for this Summer

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Here Are Several Other Simple Methods To Cool Your Home:

1. A Simple Trick Involves Using A Bucket Of Water. Dip The Bottom Hems Of Your Curtains Into The Bucket And Leave The Fan On. The Water Slowly Seeps Upwards Through The Fabric And The Breeze Will Carry The Coolness Into The Room

2. Keep Things Dark. We All Know How Relaxing It Is, To Get Away From The Glare Of A Hot Summer Sun And Into A Cool Space, Under The Shade. To Achieve This, Buy Cotton Curtains In The Darkest Colour Possible. Ensure That The Curtains Have A Thick Lining, So That The Sunlight Doesn’t Fade Them. Dark Green Or Brown Are Easy Choices. Keep The Curtains Drawn Shut, Right From Morning. If Your Room Stays Shielded From Sunlight All Day, It Is Bound To Remain Relatively Cooler.

3. Use The Bathroom. Keep Your Bathroom Door Ajar, Pour A Few Litres Of Water On The Floor And Let The Breeze Do Its Job Again

4. Leafy Plants, Too, Can Work Wonders. If You Have Some Large Decorative Or Potted Plants Around, Move Them Closer To Your Windows. They Will Absorb Most Of The Heat And Create A Cooling Effect Around Them

5. Leave The Fridge Alone. You May Be Tempted To Reach For Cold Water And Ice-Cubes Frequently, But Opening And Shutting The Refrigerator Multiple Times, Increases The Load And Temperature On Its Motor. This, In Turn, Increases The Ambient Temperature In Your House

6. Take A Look At Lighting. From LEDs To Fluorescent Lights, There Are Many Cool Lighting Options Available, So There’s No Reason To Continue Using Hot Incandescent Bulbs. Similarly, Switch Off All Electrical Appliances, Especially The TV, When Not In Use. Even A Mobile Charger Emits Heat

7. Buy A Dehumidifier. You Will Breathe Much Easier, Once The Intense Humidity Is Reduced. You Can Check Online Sites For The Best Deals

8. Cotton Is King. Summer Is No Time For Fancy Satin Or Silk Bedsheets, Or For Faux Leather Upholstery. Buy At Least One Set Of Crisp Cotton Bedsheets, In White Or Pastel Shades. If Your Couch Is Upholstered In Any Fabric That’s Not Cotton Or Linen, Buy Some Sofa Covers Or Throws That Are Made Of Cotton

9. Open Up At Sunset. If You Throw Open Your Windows At The Right Time, You Will Get The Benefit Of The Cool Evening Breeze. This Will Lower The Temperature Of Your Home And Make It More Comfortable For The Night Ahead. Also, Open Up Every Internal Door In Your House, Including Kitchen Cabinets And Bathroom, Bedroom And Closet Doors. This Will Help, To Dissipate The Heat That Is Built Up During The Course Of The Day And Reduce The Overall Temperature. Remember To Close These Doors As Soon As The Next Day Dawns And The Sun Is Up Again.

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Home insurance policy types and the cover they offer against natural and man-made disasters


When It Comes To Home Insurance, There Are Various Policies Available In The Market. We Examine The Differences Between Them, To Help Owners To Gauge The Right Policy

Damage To Properties Due To Natural Disasters, Is One Of The Gravest Financial Setbacks That One May Come Across In Life. The Floods In Kerala In 2018, Caused Damage Worth Several Thousand Crores To Property And Made A Large Number Of People Homeless. “While Humans Cannot Avert Natural Calamities, One Can Certainly Protect Their Homes Against Them And Minimise The Loss Or Damage. Insurance Is The First Cover, On Most People’s List. However, Very Few People Take Home Insurance In India. Even Though It Is Affordable, Less Than One Per Cent Of People End Up Buying It,” Says Amit Wadhwani, Managing Director, Sai Estate Consultant Chembur Private Limited.

Buying A Comprehensive Home Insurance Policy Will Ensure That A Home Buyer Can Be Safeguarded Against Financial Losses, If Any Event Occurs. The Policy Can Cover All Types Of Natural And Man-Made Disasters, Including Floods, Earthquake, Terrorist Attacks And Even Robbery. Puneet Sahni, Head-Product Development, SBI General Insurance,Explains That “A Comprehensive Home Insurance Policy Provides Cover For The Structure, As Well As The Contents Of A Home, Against Unforeseen Circumstances, Including Natural Disasters And Hence, Is Recommended For Home Buyers, To Ensure That They Are Not Faced With A Financial Crunch.”

2 BHK Homes in Ghodbunder Road Thane | All about Home Insurance

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Types Of Cover That Home Insurance Policies Provide

1. Home Insurance For The Structure: This Policy Provides Home Buyers With Protection For The Structure Of A Home, Which Consists Of The Structure Itself, Along With Permanent Fixtures And Built-In Items.

2. Home Insurance For Contents: This Policy Provides Home Buyers With Cover For The Contents Of Their Home, Including Furniture, Jewellery, Electrical And Portable Appliances.

Besides The Basic Protection, An Insurance Policy Can Also Offer Add-On Covers, Such As The Cost Of Living In A Rented Accommodation While Your House Is Being Repaired. If The House Is Rented Out, The Owner Can Take Cover Against The Loss Of Rent, If A Natural Calamity Renders It Unfit For Occupation. However, These Covers Are For A Limited Period Of Up To A Few Months After The Disaster.

A Landlord Insurance Covers The Financial Risk To A Property, Caused Due To Earthquake, Flood, Fire, Damages Due To A Tenant’s Actions And So On. When The Landlord Incurs Such Financial Loss Due To Damage To The Insured Property, Then, The Insurer Pays For The Replacement Cost, To The Extent Of Damage, After Adjusting The Deductible As Per Its Terms And Conditions. For Example, If, Due To Fire, The Kitchen Is Damaged, Then, The Insurance Company Will Pay For The Cost Incurred In Repairing The Kitchen. However, Before You Get The Claim Amount, The Insurance Company May Ask You To Pay The Deductible Sum.

Which Insurance Policy Should You Buy?

A Landlord May Be More Concerned About The Structure Of The Property. Hence, He May Like To Buy Insurance That Covers The Risk Of Damage To The Structure. On The Other Hand, A Tenant May Be More Concerned About The Belongings And So, May Like To Buy Insurance For The Contents. A Comprehensive Home Insurance Policy Product, May Give You The Benefit Of Risk Cover For The Contents, As Well As The Structure. However, Before Buying An Insurance Policy, The Applicant Should Check Out The List Of Inclusions And Exclusions, To Figure Out What Risk Hazards The Insurance Product Covers.

Insurance For Under-Construction Properties

While A Home Insurance Policy Provides Risk Cover Only For The Constructed Property, What If You Have Bought An Under-Construction Property? In This Case, Experts Suggest That It Is The Duty Of The Builder, To Get A Project Insurance Policy, To Cover The Threat To An Under-Construction Property From Natural Disasters. So, Before You Buy An Under-Construction Property On A Home Loan, Check Whether The Builder Has Taken A Project Insurance Cover.

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Investment Tips: How To Buy A Home That Delivers Long-term ROI

April 2019

The Decision To Buy A Property, Should Be Based Purely On The Needs Of The Individual And The Inherent Value Of The Unit. We Look At How Home Buyers Can Ascertain This, To Choose A Property That Provides Good Returns On Investment

With The Real Estate (Regulation And Development) Act (RERA) Coming Into Force, As Well As Various Other Policy Initiatives Such As The Benami Transactions Act And The Government’s Push To Affordable Housing, We Are Seeing Increased Activity In The Residential Property Market In The Larger Cities. After The Dampener Of Demonetisation In 2016, The Positive Buyer Sentiment Visible Now Is Especially Significant. Consequently, Builders Are Determined To Capitalise On It, Via Increased Marketing Efforts. Given That There Is Already A Lot Of Supply In The Residential Market – A Lot Of It For Ready Possession – Fresh Launches Have Been Curtailed, So That The Existing Inventory Can Be Absorbed. Much Of The Intensified Marketing Efforts Are Centered Around Special Deals And Offers.

1 BHK residential flats in Thane
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How To Ascertain The Real Value Of A Home

Experts Explain That Some Of The Obvious Tax Benefits Of Buying A Home In The Wife’s Name, Include An Extra Deduction Of Interest Up To Rs 1.5 Lakh Every Financial Year, If The House Is Self-Occupied. If A Husband And Wife Are The Joint Owners Of A Property And If The Wife Has A Separate Source Of Income, Then They Can Both Claim Tax Deductions Individually. The Tax Benefit Will Depend On The Ownership Share Of Each Co-Owner.

While This May Be Advantageous For Property Buyers, They Should Be Judicious While Evaluating Offers And Schemes And Base Their Purchase Decisions Solely On The Real Value Of The Home. Freebies Such As Gold, Cars And Household Goods, Have An Undeniable Attraction But They Are Fundamentally Frivolous In Nature And Do Not Add To The Value Of The Home.

The Price Of A Home Is Obviously An Important Consideration For Middle-Class Property Buyers. However, The Strategy Of Looking For The Cheapest Options On The Market, Does Not Make Much Sense Because It Is Quality That Determines Value. In The Case Of Residential Property, The Quality Of An Offering Depends On Three Aspects:

– The Quality Of The Location.
– The Brand Value Of The Builder.
– The Availability And Quality Of Facilities And Amenities In The Project And In Individual Units.

The Importance Of Location In A Property’s Value

Central Locations Are Traditionally The Costliest, As They Offer Great Access To Many Important Parts Of The City , Such As The CBD (Central Business District) And SBD (Secondary Business District). These Areas Tend To Host The Offices Of High-Profile Companies And Offer A Vast Cross-Section Of Jobs, From Highly-Paid Management To More Modestly-Paid Support Staff Jobs. Even The Second Category Of Jobs Is Attractive, Because The Growth Prospects In High-Profile Companies, Are Usually Very Good. This Is What Makes Living In Central Locations Very Desirable And From A Real Estate Pricing Perspective, Very Expensive.

In India, This Mantra Held True For A Very Long Time, Until The Advent Of The Infotech Culture. The IT/ITeS Industry, Tends To Offer Very Good Salary Packages But Is Not Focused On High-Value Locations. Quite To The Contrary, Such Firms Prefer To Set Up Shop In Peripheral Locations, So As To Save On The Real Estate Costs. As A Result, Many Cities’ Outskirts Have Become Very Desirable Places For Home Buyers And They Are Far Less Expensive.

For IT Professionals And Industrial Employees, As Well As Property Investors, Buying A Home In A Peripheral Location That Connects To An IT Hub And/Or Manufacturing Belt, Makes Perfect Sense. Unfortunately, Such Locations Attract All Kinds Of Developers – From Those Who Have A Reputation For Creating True Lifestyle Value Offerings, To Those Who Specialise In Constricted, ‘Pigeon-Hole’ Homes. This Is Where The Brand Value Of A Developer Plays A Significant Role.

Correlation Between Brand Value And Quality

With A Lot Of Housing Supply Available In The New Growth Corridors, Buyers Are Spoilt For Choice. The Cost Of A Flat Is Obviously Important But One Still Only Gets What One Pays For. Ultimately, A Home Is Not Just An Asset But One Which Performs The Very Critical Functions Of Offering Refuge, Comfort And Security. Buyers Must Look For Options, Which Offer Them These Three Advantages To A Satisfactory Level. Branded Builders Provide These As Part Of Their Standard Value Offering, Because Their Reputation Demands It.

Facilities And Amenities That Add Value To A Property

Urban Life Today, Places A Lot Of Stress And Demands On Us. Consequently, Our Homes Cannot Be Mere Places Of Refuge But Must Also Provide Healing And Rejuvenation. A Clubhouse, Swimming Pool And Children’s Park, Are No Longer Luxuries But The Bare Minimum That Indian Home Buyers Can And Should Expect. Nevertheless, Even Projects Without Such Offerings Will Find Buyers Because Of Their Lower Prices. While Short-Listing Prospects For Home Purchase, It Is Important To Ensure That The Final Selection Provides A Decent Lifestyle And Not Just An Abode.

If One Looks At The Supply In The Residential Property Market From This Perspective, The Choice Of Options Automatically Narrows Down To A More Manageable And Comprehensive Level. Buying The Right Home Is Not Just About Present And Future Comfort, But Also About Investment Growth. Homes In Good Locations, Built By Reputed Developers With A Good Saturation Of Amenities And Facilities, Will Always Yield Better Capital Appreciation, As Well As Potential Rental Income For Property Investors.

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