20 Ideas For Decorating Small Spaces On A Budget


We All Want Our Home To Look Like They Belong In A Design Magazine, But Often The Budget Stands In The Way Of Achieving Our Dreams. Instead Of Thinking About That Expensive Piece Of Furniture Or Rug That You Can’t Afford, How About Sprucing Up Your Home With Some Home Improvement Ideas On A Budget?

In Today’s Ideabook We Present You With Several Ideas That Can Help You To Bring A Stylish Look To Your Home Without Spending Too Much. It Includes Easy-To-Implement Smart Design Ideas For Small Spaces.


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1. An Artistic Wall Shelf

Blank Walls Can Make A Room Look Dull. When Decorating A Small House On A Budget, One Of The Easiest Ways To Add Style To A Wall Is By Painting It A Lovely Colour, But If You Feel This Idea Is Overused, Then A Geometric Or Artistic Book Shelf Can Add An Interesting Feature To The Blank Space. If You Are Good At Carpentry, You Can Even Make It Yourself.

2. Sophistication In The TV Area

You Don’t Have To Invest In Expensive Television Furniture To Make The Living Room Look More Organized. Instead, Get A Wall Mounted Shelf With Drawers For Storing CDs And Remotes. A Light Panel Board With Backlighting Is A Stylish And Inexpensive Proposition For Framing The Wall-Mounted TV. This Design Won’t Take Up Too Much Space Or Interfere With The Small Living Room Furniture Arrangement.

3. A Cheap Makeover

Add Style To A Living Room With Just A Few Inexpensive Touches. Consider Covering A Floor Lamp With Colourful Fabric To Brighten Up The Room. If The Background Wall Looks Too Plain, Stretch And Paste Some Leftover Fabric Over Some Plywood Or Cardboard To Create An Instant Backdrop. It’s One Of Those Frugal DIY Projects That You Can Get Done Over The Weekend.

4. A Partition Shelf

When You Are Looking For Apartment Storage Ideas On A Budget, Think Of Furniture That Is Functional As Well As Stylish. A Wall Shelf Like The One In This Image Acts As A Room Divider In Addition To Providing Space To Display Décor Accessories.

5. DIY Art

You Don’t Need Expensive Art Or The Work Of A Famous Artist To Make Your Walls Look Good. Buy A Canvas And Let The Artist In You Take Over. Try To Bring In Colours That Are Present In The Rest Of The Décor In The Living Room. Once It’s Done, All You Need To Spend On Is The Frame For Your Masterpiece.

6. Paper Lampshades

If You Are Looking For Cute Cheap Ways To Decorate An Apartment, We Have To Perfect Idea. Buy A Few Paper Lampshades And Hang Them Over Your Existing Lights. It Works With Almost Any Type Of Décor Style, Whether It’s Modern Or Rustic. Choose White For A Minimalist Home And Brighter Colours For Rustic Or Country-Style Homes.

7. Repaint Old Chairs

Do You Feel Like Your Dining Room Needs A Makeover? How About Repainting The Chairs In Another Colour?

8. Customize Rental Furniture

Nowadays, With The Availability Of Cheap Rental Furniture, It’s Much Easier To Implement Home Improvement Ideas On A Budget. You Can Take It A Step Further By Adding Bright Covers To Dining Chairs Or Chaises To Bring A Personalized Look That Matches Your Décor.

9. Mirrors

When It Comes To Cheap Home Decorating Ideas For Small Spaces, Mirrors Can Become Your Favourite Allies. They Not Only Add Style To The Space, But Also Reflect The Light To Make The Area Appear Larger Than It Is. Choose Frames That Add Drama To The Space.

10. Bar On The Wall

If You Want A Bar Area In Your Home, But Can’t Afford Fancy Furniture, Invest In A Floating Shelf Over A Sideboard In The Dining Room. Fix Racks Underneath For Storing Wine Glasses, And You Have An Easy DIY Bar Unit.

11. Go Green

Plants Provide One Of The Best Options For Cheap Decorating Ideas For Apartments And Small Houses. Add A Potted Plant In The Corner Of The Bathroom To Bring A Refreshing Feel To The Space.

12. Candles And Flowers

Other DIY Ideas For How To Decorate A Small Bathroom Include Placing A Flower Arrangement And Aroma Candles On The Counter. It Brings A Spa-Like Atmosphere That Elevates The Style In The Bathroom. Instead Of Flowers, Which You Need To Refresh Often, Consider A Small Potted Plant With A Fragrant Herb Or Flowers.

13. An Organised Laundry Area

Whether You Live In An Apartment Or A Small House, Having A Separate Area To Tuck Away The Laundry Can Bring Elegance To Your Home. It Doesn’t Cost Much To Organize A Space Like You See Here With A Pull-Out Ironing Board, A Rack For Hanging Clothes And Pretty Baskets For Storing Things. Your House Will Look Ultra-Modern.

14. Display Shelves In The Bath

For Small Bathrooms, Space Is Always A Constraint. Instead Of Adding Furniture That Will Crowd The Floor Space Within The Room, Fix Floating Shelves On Which You Can Organize Your Toiletries And Cosmetics. Make It Look Like An Expensive Display That You Would Usually See In A High-End Store.

15. Lift The Curtains

When You Are Looking For Cheap Ideas On How To Decorate A Small Bedroom, Consider Adding Depth To The Space By Moving The Curtain Rod Closer To The Ceiling. This Way, The Curtains Will Flow From The Ceiling To The Floor And Make The Room Look Bigger. In The Market, You Can Find Readymade Curtains That Aren’t Too Expensive. They Come In A Range Of Fabrics And Prices.

16. DIY Wall Sculpture

If You Are Looking For DIY Projects For Small Bedrooms, Then A Decorative Feature, Such As This One, Can Easily Be Made With Wire Or Thick Twine, Adhesive And Some Colourful Beads And Buttons. It Will Brighten Up The Space And Add Beauty To The Wall.

17. Change The Laminates

If You Are Bored With The Way Your Kitchen Looks, Liven It Up By Changing The Laminates On The Cupboards. You Don’t Have To Change Them All, Just A Few Will Do The Trick To Make The Room Look New, Without You Having To Spend Much.

18. Repaint The Cabinets

Another Idea, Which You Can Also Include Among Your Frugal DIY Projects, For Introducing Freshness To A Kitchen Or Even A Bedroom, Is To Repaint The Cabinets Or Wardrobes In A Stunning Shade. Try To Choose A Colour That Contrasts The Walls And The Floor Or Matches The Tiles.

19. Under Stair Shelves

If You Have A Staircase In Your House, Build A Customized Shelf Unit Under It, Which Can Serve As A Display Space For Your Living Room Décor Accessories.

20. A Bold Colour On The Wall

A Feature Wall In A Bold Or Contrast Colour Is A Great Way To Add A Memorable Element To Any Part Of The House, Whether It’s A Living Room Or A Bedroom. You Can Either Attempt This On Your Own Or Get The Help Of A Professional Painter. Consider Decorating With Thrift Store Finds Such As Masks Or Mirrors To Add To The Stylishness.

If You Are Unsure About How To Go About Redecorating Your House, You Should Consult A Professional To Help You With The Task. Inform Him About The Budget That You Have In Mind So That He Can Come Up With Innovative Small Home Decorating Ideas That Are Perfect For Your Home.

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15 DIY Eco-Friendly Home Improvement Ideas


When You Look At All The Gloomy Changes That The Environment Is Going Through Thanks To Our Daily Habits, You Can’t Help But Feel Guilty. If You’re Wondering If There’s A Way To Reduce This Even While Not Going Too Out Of Your Way, Then Yes! Of Course We Can, As Individuals, Do Our Bit To Help Out The Lonely Planet. And You Don’t Even Have To Become A Completely Different Person In Order To Go Environment-Friendly.


Follow These 15 Simple Tips To Become A Greener Person At Home!


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Credit : Freepik.Com


1) Introduce Greenery In And Around Your House?


It Is A Great Idea To Plant Some Trees And Shrubs Around Your House And Even Home Plants For The Indoors, If You Can Spare The Space. If You Live In An Apartment, You Could Think About Maintaining A Balcony Garden. Did You Know That It Is Possible To Grow Your Own Fruits And Vegetables Even In A Balcony Garden? Introduce Some Shade-Friendly Plants, Like Orchids And Money Plants, Inside Your House.


The Indoor Plants For Home Greenery Outdoors Will Not Only Add Visual Appeal To Your House, But Also Help You Maintain A Cooler Environment Around You. This Will, In Turn, Lead To A Reduction In Energy Consumption, Making Your Space Eco-Friendly.


2) Fix Those Leaks!S


Are There Leaks In Your House Pipes That You Have Been Procrastinating On Fixing? It Is High Time You Got Around To Doing That. Remind Yourself That Just Two Leaky Taps Wastes About 6 Litres Of Water A Day!


Fixing All The Leaks In Your Home Plumbing System Will Help You Conserve Water, And Also Conserve More Energy.


3) Use Eco-Friendly Household Products


Switch Over To Eco-Friendly Products For Your Household From Those Chemical-Laden Ones – It Will Not Only Help You Go Greener, But Ease Your Conscience As Well. You Will Feel The (Good) Results On Your Skin, Too.


Bathing Soaps, Floor Cleaners, Hair Oil, Shampoos, Laundry Detergents, Diapers, Sanitary Pads, Kohl, Lip Balms, Bug Sprays – All Those Products You Use In Your Daily Life Have “Green” Equivalents That Are Just As Good. Find Out About Them, And Start Using Them.


4) Get Non-Toxic Paint For Your House


Environment-Friendly, Non-Toxic Paint Is Easily Available In Most Stores These Days. The Next Time You Plan To Do Up Your House, Ensure That You Use This Kind Of Paint And Green Building Materials.


This Natural Painting Helps Reduce The Level Of Air Pollution, As Well As Minimises The Amount Of Contaminants Within Your House, All While Giving The House A More Natural And Handsome Appearance.


5) Change Those Fixtures And Appliances


The Next Time You Plan To Change Your Household Appliances, Your Refrigerator Or Geyser, For Instance – Ensure That You Buy Eco-Friendly Ones. These New Appliances Will Help You Conserve Energy And Water. For Instance, Some Modern Refrigerators Come With See-Through Doors That Enable You To Look At The Contents Without Opening The Door, Thereby Helping You Save Energy. Many Geysers Available Today Have An Automatic Power Cut-Off System That Turns It Off Once The Water Has Fully Heated Up.


Also, Each Time A Light Bulb Needs Replacement, Buy An LED Or Fluorescent Light That Will Consume Lesser Power.


6) Switch Off Appliances, Lights And Fans When Not In Use


How Many Times Have You Come Across The Advice To Switch Off Household Appliances, Lights And Fans Whenever You Are Done Using Them? Well, It Is Time To Start Following This Advice Religiously.


You Will Be Surprised At The Amount Of Energy You Save In This Manner! Just Switching Off Electrical Appliances Has Brought Down A Friend’s Electricity Bill From Rs. 5,000 A Month To Rs. 3,800 A Month. That Is A HUGE Difference, Right?


7) Manage Your Waste Wisely


Begin Segregating Your Household Garbage And Try Your Hand At Waste Management, If You Aren’t Doing It Already.


You’ll Be Doing Yourself And The Environment A Huge Favour By Getting A Home Composter, Turning All Your Food Waste To Compost. Be Prepared To Get Stunned At The Way Your Garden Grows Post This!


Dispose Of Electronic And Medical Waste The Right Way, Instead Of Just Dumping Them With The Rest Of The Garbage.


Old Magazines, Newspapers And Other Paper Waste Can Be Recycled, As Can Most Of The Plastic Waste.


8) Use Solar Energy


Get Solar Panels Installed On Your Terrace, So That You Can Make Use Of Solar Power To Heat Up Your Bath Water. You Could Even Switch Over To Solar-Powered Batteries, Vehicles, And Lights For Your Green Home.


See The Difference In Your Electricity Bill The Next Month Onwards!


9) Reduce The Use Of Plastic


Switch Over To Stainless Steel Bottles To Store Your Drinking Water. You Could Store Groceries In Stainless Steel Containers Instead Of Plastic Ones, Or Store Them In Pretty Ceramic Or Tin Containers That’ll Add To Your Kitchen Decor While Also Lasting You For Years! Bamboo Or Wooden Buckets Can Be Used Instead Of Plastic Waste Paper Baskets. Change The Buckets And Mugs In Your Bathroom To Stainless Steel Ones, Too.


Whenever You Step Out Of Your House, Ensure That You Carry Water In A Stainless Steel Bottle, So That You Do Not Have To Resort To Buying Bottled Water. Also, Carry Your Own Cloth Bags When You Go Grocery Shopping And Do Away With Those Unpleasant Plastic Ones.


10) Change Your Showerhead And Toilet Flush


Change The Showerhead And The Toilet Flush In Your Home To Ones That Are More Environment-Friendly. Buy Ones That Use A Lower Volume Of Water, So That You Can Cut Down On Water Wastage. High Pressure Hand Showers And Faucets Also Have The Tendency To Spoil The Pipe Washers Quickly And You’ll Have To Replace More Frequently.


11) Use Eco-Friendly Cookware


Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Brass And Clay Vessels Are Great To Cook In, And Environment-Friendly As Well. Switch Over To Such Cookware Instead Of Microwave-Safe Vessels And Non-Stick Pots And Pans.


Stainless Steel, Brass And Ceramic Cookware Are Safer For Your Health, And Can Be Cleaned Relatively Easily, With Less Water.


12) Run Your Washing Machine With Full Loads


Whenever Possible, Wait For A Full Load Of Clothes To Run Your Washing Machine Instead Of Putting Only A Couple Of Article In. You Could Skip Washing The Clothes On A Day When There Isn’t Much In The Laundry Basket. Or You Could Choose To Wash Clothes On Alternate Days!


You Will Be Amazed At The Amount Of Water And Electricity You Will Save By Doing This.


13) Get Those Services Done!R


Get Regular Servicing Done For All Your Household Appliances, Especially Your Air Conditioners, The Refrigerator, The Gas Stove And The Vehicles. Clean Up The Dirt Accumulated On Those Wires. Also, Reduce The Amount Of Junk In Your Car.


All Of This Will Not Only Ensure A Much Lower Electricity Consumption, But The Clean And Functioning Gizmos Also Keep Your Home Generally Happy.


14) Harvest Rainwater


Get A Rainwater Harvesting System Installed In Your Home. If This Is Absolutely Not Possible, Place A Few Barrels, Buckets Or Pots Around Your House In Which Rainwater Can Collect.


Use The Water Collected Using Rain Water Harvesting For Various Household Uses, Or Use It For Growing Your Beautiful Garden!


15) Use Locally Made Products


Use Products That Have Been Made Locally, Instead Of Things That Have Travelled Half The World To Reach You. This Applies Not Only To Grocery And Vegetables, But To The Décor Of Your House Too. Why Don’t You Consider Doing Up Your House With Locally Made Products Or Handicrafts?


By Doing So, You Will Not Only Help The Local Economy And Help Artisans Maintain Their Livelihood, But Also Reduce Wastage In A Lot Of Ways.


Simple, Right? Going Green Is Not Difficult. It Just Requires The Right Mindset And Getting Off The Couch For A Little Longer Every Day! And While You’re At It, Encourage Carpooling, Too.


Why Don’t You Take A Pledge To Get A More Eco-Friendly House This Very Instant?




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Benefits of Taking A Joint Home Loan


Choose A Piece Of Artwork That You Love

A Home Is A ‘Once-In-A-Lifetime’ Investment For Many Of Us. It Is Natural That We Want To Make It As Big And Better As Practically Possible. Affordability Is What Determines The Size, Location And Quality Of Our Home. No Doubt, Having The Possibility Of Availing A Home Loan Has Improved Affordability. However, Your Home Loan Eligibility Depends On Your Age, Income Levels, Other Loans That You Are Still Repaying, Etc. Lenders Have Prudent Norms Which Stipulate That Your Home Loan EMI Combined With All The Other EMIs That You May Be Presently Repaying, Cannot Exceed A Certain Level Of Your Take-Home Pay.


One Way To Increase Your Home Loan Eligibility Is To Add Co-Applicants With Independent Income Source. The Lender Will Consider Their Income While Assessing Your Repayment Capacity, Which In Turn, Will Increase The Amount Of Home Loan You Are Eligible For.


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Generally, An Immediate Family Member Can Be Your Co-Applicant. The Co-Applicant Can Be Salaried Or Self-Employed; Non-Resident Indians Or NRIs Is Also Eligible To Be Co-Applicants.


A Distinction Needs To Be Made Here Between A Co-Owner And A Co-Applicant. A Co-Owner Is A Joint Owner Of The Property Whereas A Co-Applicant Need Not Be A Part Owner Of The Property. The Basic Principle Is That All Co-Owners Of The Property Will Have To Be Co-Applicants Of The Home Loan. However, All Co-Applicants Need Not Necessarily Be Co-Owners. Their Only Income Is Considered For Credit / Loan Appraisal.


Ther Are Two Important Benefits Of A Joint Home Loan. They Are:


By Pooling Their Incomes Together While Making A Joint Home Loan Application, The Applicants Become Eligible For A Higher Loan Amount And Can Hence Afford A Bigger / Better Home.


By Pooling Their Incomes Together While Making A Joint Home Loan Application, The Applicants Become Eligible For A Higher Loan Amount And Can Hence Afford A Bigger / Better Home.


By Applying Jointly For A Home Loan, Tax Deduction Available On Home Loans Can Be Enjoyed By The Co-Applicants Separately, Provided They Are Co-Owners Of The Property And Each Of Them Is Contributing To The Home Loan Repayment. A) Principal Repayments Are Eligible For Deduction Under Section 80C Of The Income Tax Act Up To A Maximum Limit Of Rs.1.50 Lakh. B) Home Loan Interest Payments Enjoy Tax Deduction Under Section 24 Up To Rs 2 Lakh If The Property Is Self-Occupied; If The Property Is Let Out, The Entire Interest Becomes Eligible For Tax Deduction, I.E., There Is No Maximum Limit. In A Joint Home Loan, Since Each Co-Applicant Is Eligible Individually For The Above Deduction, The Collective Tax Benefits Are Much Higher Than In The Case Of A Single Applicant Loan. The Actual Amount Of Tax Benefit Enjoyed By Each Co-Applicant Is In Proportion To Their Contribution In Repayment Of Principal And Interest, Subject To The Limits Mentioned Above. Co-Applicants Can Therefore Plan How Much Tax Benefit They Would Like To Avail Based On Which They Can Decide What Proportion Of The Loan Each Is Going To Repay.


Ome Lenders Offer A Differentiated Home Loan Interest Rate For Women Customers, Which Is Usually A Few Basis Points Lower Than The Normal Home Loan Rates. To Take Benefit Of The Discounted Interest Rate, A Woman Has To Be The Sole Or Joint Owner Of The Property And An Applicant Or Co-Applicant For The Home Loan.


While In Most Cases It Helps To Take A Joint Home Loan, Indicated Below Are Some Situations When You Should Avoid Applying For A Joint Home Loan:

– You Are Not A Co-Owner Of The Property.
– Your Eligibility As A Single Applicant Meets Your Loan Requirement.
– You Have A Low Credit Rating Due A Poor Credit History.
– You Are Repaying An Ongoing Loan, Availed As Per Your Maximum Loan Eligibility.
– You Are Currently Purchasing A Lower Value Property (Maybe For Investment Purposes) And May Purchase A Bigger Property In The Future For Self Occupancy.
– You Are About To Retire Shortly.


Home Loan Repayment Is The Collective And Also Individual Responsibility Of All Co-Applicants. Loan Payments Can Be Made In Any Way The Applicants Choose; They Can Separately Make The EMI Payment Or Do So Through A Joint Bank Account.


Proper Home Loan Documents Such As Your KYC (Proof Of Identity And Address), Income And Property Documents Are Essential To Avail The Loan Quickly And Smoothly. It Is On The Basis Of These Documents That Lenders Process Your Home Loan Application. All Co-Applicants’ KYC Documents Need To Be Submitted To The Lender While Income Proof Of Only Those Co-Applicants Whose Income Is To Be Considered For Loan Appraisal Need To Be Submitted.


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3 Things All Smart Home Buyers Do


There Is No Denying The Fact That Home Buying Is Emotionally Gratifying. In Fact, We Will Not Be Exaggerating If We Said That More Often Than Not, The Purchase Decision Is Emotional Than Rational. Many A Time, We Are So Moved By The Rush Of These Emotions That We Enter The Territory Without Doing Any Prior Preparation. Even If Everything Turns Out Alright In The End, The Process Is So Harrowing For A Naïve Buyer That He Is Left Feeling Wearisome For A Long Time. This Buyer Also Runs The Risk Of His Investment Turning Bad In Case Due Care Was Not Taken While Carrying Out The Transaction. The Truth Is That Smart Property Investments Are Made With A Calm And Composed Mind. And, To Be A Smart Homebuyer, One Needs To Possess Certain Traits.

Residential Projects in Thane | Ace Realty
Credit : Freepik.Com

Keep Calm

It May Have Taken You Just A Day To Decide That You Want To Buy A Property. However, To Make This Happen, You Have To Work Slowly And Steadily Towards The Goal. Being In A Hurry Could Be Sinful Here. Take A Moment And Think, You Possibly Take Hours And Hours To Select A Perfect Shirt. Sometime Later, You Start Discovering Certain Imperfections In This Particular Piece Of Cloth Which You Bought After Much Diligence And Hard Work. You Might Feel Slightly Foolish About Not Being Able To Find The Fault When You Should Have. But, In A Matter Of Days, The Matter Would Be Done With And Forgotten. The Same Is Not True Of Home Purchases. This Is Possibly The Biggest Investment You Are Going To Make In Your Entire Life. You Cannot Afford To Find Faults After The Deal Has Been Sealed. While It Is Always Possible To Sell Off A House If You Are Not Happy With It, The Whole Process Is Just Too Tiring And Harassing. You Would Like To Make It Perfect In Your First Attempt. To Do That, The Trick Is, Never Be In A Hurry. It Might Take Years Before You Are Able To Find A Suitable Property For Yourself.

Accept Challenges

Chances Of You Turning Out To Be A Smart Buyer Are High If You Like Challenges And Are Ever Willing To Learn New Things. You Might Have A Master’s Degree In Literature, But Your Mathematical Capabilities Would Be Put To Test While You Go Home Shopping. You Might Have Been An Introvert All Your Life, But You Will Have To Engage In Active Negotiation With So Many People If You Want To Pick A Perfect Home For Yourself. You Might Be A Chatty Cathy Who Does Not Pay Attention When Others Are Talking; This Must Change Now. You Find The Study Of The Law Not Suitable To Your Taste. But, There Is No Way You Will Have It Easy If You Do Not Change Your Preferences While Buying A Home. You Generally Have No Time For Tracking News. But, This May Not Be Optional In Case You Have Started Your Home Search. Simply Put, Your Life Becomes Different As Soon As You Decide To Enter The Property Market.

Know Your Preferences

There Is No One-Size Fits-All Theory When It Comes To Real Estate Transactions. What Suits You May Not Suit Me. While You Might Be More Comfortable With “This”, I, Considering My Circumstances, Might Be Comfortable With “That”. So, You And I Must Pay Attention To Expert Advice, But We Must Also Be Sure Of What We Are Looking For. A Shorter Loan-Repayment Tenure May Be A Good Idea For A Home Loan Borrower Who Is Going To Retire Soon And Earns A Fat Pay Cheque Every Month. The Same Is Not True In Case Of A Person, Who Has Started Earning Recently And Earns Comparatively Much Less As Monthly Salary. So, Take The Expert Opinion, Assess Your Situation And Act Accordingly.



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Perk UP the Passage at Home


A Passage In Any Home, Need Not Be A Dull Space That Is Wasted. We Look At How Home Owners Can Spruce Up This Space, With Just A Little Creativity And Imagination

Most Houses Have A Corridor, Which Home Owners Can Decorate Using Innovative Ideas, To Add A Unique Touch To The Home. The Walls Of The Passage, For Example, Can Be Used To Create A Memoir Wall Of One’s Travels. “From Collages Made Of Boarding Passes, Colourful Small Maps And Tickets, To Postcards Collected During Your Travels, You Can Use The Wall To Create A Memory Lane Of Sorts. You Can Also Display Inexpensive Drawings And Posters From Street Artists. One Can Also Use The Passage As A Photo Area, To Hang Pictures Of The Family – Including Joyous And Serious Photos That Make You Smile When You Look At Them,”

3 BHK apartments in Ghodbunder Road thane
Credit : Freepik.Com

Ways To Brighten Up The Corridors

Passages Are Often Dark, Which Makes The Space Appear Small And Unattractive. This Can Be Easily Solved, With Some Bright, Coloured Lamps And Lanterns. “One Can Choose Various Indoor Plants, To Perk Up The Passage. Decorating With Nature Is Fun And Not At All Expensive. You Can Place The Plants In Eclectic Vases And Pots, To Add A Theme To The Area. An Array Of Ornamental Mirrors Can Be Hung Up, To Pep Up The Area. One Can Go In For A Bookshelf, To Optimise The Space. Wooden Shelves That Resemble Trees And Branches Are A Popular Contemporary Trend,”

Optimising The Space Available In The Passage

Most Corridors Are A Maximum Of Four Ft Wide, Out Of Which, One Needs At Least Three Ft As Walking Space, Gupta Points Out. “This Leaves Only One Ft Of Free Space And Any Furniture That Has Depth, Will Make The Space Cramped. Anyone Living In Cities, Knows That Every Sq Ft Counts. Hence, While It May Be Tempting To Put A Shoe Rack In That Space, One Should Ensure That It Does Not Obstruct Movement. Alternatively, Opt For A Small Rack Or A Lamp, Or Simple Linear Furniture. Or, Opt For Storage Above The Head Level,”

How To Use The Passage As A Play Area

In Homes That Have Children, You Can Opt For A Pin Board On The Passage Wall. This Pin Board Can Display Various Crafts Like Paintings, Handmade Cards And Hand Prints, All Made By The Children. The Small Passage Linking Rooms, Can Also Be Used As A Play Area. You Can Paint The Walls With ‘Magnetic’ Paints And Stick Magnets On The Walls. You Can Also Paint A Chess Board, Or A Simple Snake And Ladder Game On Such A Wall, To Let The Kids Play.

Using The Passage, To Add A Personal Touch To The Home

“A Message Board, Is Another Interesting Way To Utilise The Space. In The Age Of Tablets And Smartphones, We Rarely Pick Up A Pen And Paper,” Says Gupta. From ‘To Do’ Messages Or A Simple ‘I Love You’ Scribbled On The Board, To Colourful Posts, You Can Put Up Messages To Read, Whenever You Are In The Mood, Adds Gupta.

Mahi Mehra, A Mumbai Resident, Maintains That The Passage Can Serve As An Accent Area Of The House. “I Have A Glamorous Wooden Trolley In The Foyer, Against A Red Wall. In The Passage, I Have A Displayed Pieces From Our Travel, Like Vintage Sketches From London, Plates From Greece, Small Porcelain Teapots From China, Painting From Jaipur And So On. These Little Memories Add Warmth To The House,” Mehra Explains.


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Vastu Shastra Tips for a Temple at Home


When It Comes To The Temple Or Prayer Area In A Home, There Are Several Vastu Shastra Guidelines That Should Be Followed, To Ensure Maximum Positive Effects For The Home’s Inhabitants. We Examine The Dos And Don’ts

The Temple At Home, Is A Sacred Place Where We Worship God. So, Naturally, It Must Be A Positive And Peaceful Place. The Temple Area, When Placed According To Vastu Shastra, Can Bring Health, Prosperity And Happiness To The House And Its Occupants. Although A Separate Puja Room Would Be Ideal, This Is Not Always Possible In Metropolitan Cities, Where There Is Space Crunch.

The Temple Area, Should Be A Zone Of Tranquility That Is Full Of Divine Energy, Says Mumbai-Based Nitien Parmar Of VastuPlus. “This Is A Space Where One Surrenders To The Almighty And Gains Strength. If One Does Not Have The Space To Allocate An Entire Room For The Temple, One Can Set Up A Small Altar On The East Wall, Towards The North-East Zone Of The House. Avoid Placing The Temple In The South, South-West Or South-East Zones Of House,” Adds Parmar.

Vastu Shastra Tips for a Temple at Home
Credit : Pexels.Com


Ideal Directions As Per Vastu For The Home Temple


Jupiter Is The Lord Of The North-East Direction, Which Is Also Called As The As ‘Ishan Kona’, Explains Jayshree Dhamani, A Vastu Shastra And Astrology Expert. “Ishan Is Ishwar Or God. That’s How It Is The Direction Of God/Jupiter. Hence, It Is Advisable To Keep The Temple There. Moreover, The Earth’s Tilt Is Also Towards The North-East Direction Only And It Moves With The Starting Point Of The North-East. Hence, This Corner Is Like The Engine Of A Train, Which Pulls The Entire Train. The Placement Of The Temple In This Area Of The House Is Also Like That – It Pulls The Energies Of The Entire House Towards It And Then, Takes It Forward,” Says Dhamani. A Temple Placed In The Centre Of The House – A Region That Is Called As The Brahmasthan – Is Also Said To Be Auspicious And Can Bring Prosperity And Good Health For The Inmates, Adds Dhamani.


How Should A Temple At Home Be Constructed As Per Vastu


When It Comes To Constructing The Temple, Do Not Place It Directly On The Floor. Instead, Keep It On A Raised Platform Or Pedestal, Advises Parmar. “The Temple Should Be Made Of Marble Or Wood. Avoid Temples Made From Glass Or Acrylic. Do Not Clutter The Temple. Ensure That You Do Not Have Multiple Idols Of The Same God Or Goddess, Either In A Seating Or Standing Position In The Temple. The Idol Or Photos Placed In The Temple, Should Not Be Cracked Or Damaged, As It Considered Is Inauspicious,” Suggests Parmar.

One Should Be Able To Perform Poojas, Wherever The Temple Is Kept. During Special Poojas, The Entire Family Tends To Pray Together. Hence, Ensure That There Is Enough Space For The Family To Sit Down And Pray. The Temple Area Should Have Good And Healthy Flow Of Energy. So, Keep It Neat And Clean, Without Dust Or Cobwebs And Avoid Stuffing The Space With Too Many Accessories. Above All, The Temple Should Give You A Feeling Of Serenity And Calmness.


Dos And Don’ts For Decorating A Temple At Home


1. The Light Or Diya, Should Be Placed On The Right Side Of The Person Performing A Pooja.
2. Decorate The Temple With Fresh Flowers. Light A Few Aroma Candles, Dhoop Or Incense Sticks, To Cleanse The Area And Create A Divine Ambiance.
3. Photographs Of The Dead/Ancestors, Should Not Be Kept In The Temple.
4. Create A Small Shelf Near The Temple, To Place The Incense, Puja Materials And Holy Books.
5. Ensure That There Are Electric Points Near The Temple, So That One Can Light Up The Temple During Festive Days.
6. Avoid Keeping Unnecessary Items Below The Temple Or Dustbins In This Area.
7. Some People Keep The Temple In The Bedroom Or Kitchen. In Such Cases, Hang A Curtain In Front Of The Temple, When You Are Not Using The Temple.
8. Temple Should Not Be Against A Wall That Has A Toilet Behind It. It Should Also Not Be Placed Below A Toilet On The Upper Floor.
9. For The Temple Space, Use White, Beige, Lavender Or Light Yellow Colours.



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How to Use your Provident Fund to Finance a Home Purchase


Although A Majority Of The Salaried Individuals Have A Provident Fund Account, Only A Few Are Aware That They Can Withdraw From This Fund, For Various Purposes Connected With A House


For Purchase Of A House Or Plot Or For Construction Of A House


Under The Provident Fund Scheme, An Employee Can Withdraw Money From His Provident Fund, After Completion Of Contribution Of Five Years, For The Purchase Of Plot And/Or Construction Or Purchase Of A House. The Loan Can Also Be Taken, For The Construction Of A House On The Plot Of Land Owned By You Or Your Wife, Or Jointly By Both. The Loan Amount Would Depend On The Purpose For Which You Are Taking The Loan. For Purchasing A Plot, The Loan Available Shall Be Restricted To 24 Months Basic Salary And Dearness Allowance (DA), Subject To A Maximum Of The Lower Of Either The Balance In Your Provident Fund Account Or The Cost Of The Plot.


In Case You Want To Avail Of The Loan, To Purchase Or Construct A House, Availability Shall Be Enhanced To 36 Months Of Basic Salary And DA, With The Maximum Again Subject To Lower Of Balance In The Provident Fund Account Or Cost Of The House. It Is Pertinent To Note That The Property Cannot Be Purchased Jointly With Anybody Else, Except Your Spouse, For Withdrawing From The Provident Fund.


Provident Fund to Finance a Home Purchase
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In Case You Withdraw From Your Provident Fund Account, The Construction Should Begin Within Six Months And Be Completed Within 12 Months Of The Withdrawal. In Case You Intend To Buy A Ready House, The Purchase Also Needs To Be Completed Within Six Months. The Withdrawals For Purchase/Construction Can Be Made In One Or More Instalments, Depending On The Circumstances.


For Addition/Improvement Of The House Owned By Self And/Or The Spouse


You Are Also Entitled To Withdraw Money From Your Provident Fund Account, For Making Additions Or Improvements To A Residential House That Is Owned By You Or Your Wife Or Jointly. This Withdrawal Can Only Be Availed, After Five Years From Completion Of The House. It Is Not Necessary That The House For Which You Want To Carry Out The Improvements Should Be The Same, On Which You Had Availed The Withdrawal Facility. This Withdrawal For Improvement Can Be Availed, Even If You Have Not Availed Of The Withdrawal Facility For Purchase Or Construction Of The House. The Amount That You Are Eligible To Withdraw, For Improvement Or Addition, Is Restricted To 12 Month’s Basic Salary And DA, Subject To Lower Of The Balance Relatable To The Employee’s Share With Interest In Your Account Or The Cost Of Such Improvement.


You Can Also Avail Of The Withdrawal Facility Again, Only After 10 Years From The First Withdrawal, Subject To The Same Eligibility Criteria, Vis-A-Vis The Amount.


Advances For Repayment Of Housing Loan


The Provident Fund Scheme Allows You To Avail Of The Withdrawal Facility, For Repayment Of The Outstanding Balance In A Home Loan Taken By You Or Your Spouse For The Above Purposes. The Advance Amount Cannot Exceed 36 Months Of Basic Salary And DA. This Withdrawal Can Only Be Made For Loans, Availed Either By The Members Or By The Spouse, From Specified Entities Like Governments And State Government, Registered Co-Operative Society, State Housing Board, Nationalised Banks, Public Financial Institutions, Municipal Corporation, Or Any Development Authority, For Purchase Of A House.




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