Loan against Property : What you Need to Know

While Loan Against Property Is A Cost-Effective Option For Raising Money, You Need To Assess All The Risks Involved In The Execution Of The Funds

Recently, Loan Against Property (LAP) Has Emerged As A Popular Form Of Long-Term Loans, Especially Among The Self-Employed. According To A Recent Report From CRISIL, This Loan Category Is Expected To Grow 22% Annually Over The Next Four Years. However, There Are A Few Points Borrowers Should Keep In Mind.

Key Features

As Opposed To Personal Loans, The Interest Rate On LAPs Is Lower Since It Is Secured Against The House. The Interest Rate Ranges From 11.5-15% Per Annum And The Tenure Is From 1-9 Years, Which Can Be Extended Up To 15 Years, Compared To Only Five Years In The Case Of A Personal Loan. Also, You Can Receive The Loan Amount Lumpsum Or As An Overdraft Facility.

Before Sanctioning The Loan, All Financial Institutions Will Check Your Income, Debt-Servicing Obligations And Your Credit Score. “LAPs Are Given On Freehold Property And The Owner Must Have A Clear Title To It,” Informs Rajan Ahuja, Director, Realty & Verticals, A Gurgaon-Based Real Estate Consultancy. To Reduce Risk, Most Banks Offer Loans Up To 50-65% Of The Value Of The Property, While Some Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs) Go Up To 75%. The Processing Fee Ranges From 0.5-1.5%. Loans Are Approved Only When The Self-Employed Can Show An Earning Track Record Of Three Years, Usually Via Income Tax Returns.


LAPs Allow Property Owners To Monetise An Idle Asset. Loans Can Be Taken Against Both, Self-Occupied And Property That Has Been Leased Out. The Tenure Of An LAP Is Longer And You Can Also Get A Larger Amount As Compared To A Personal Loan, Which Cannot Exceed Rs 10 Lakhs.



The Key Risk In An LAP Is That You Could Lose The Property You Have Borrowed Against If You Default On The Loan Payment. Also, Unlike A Home Loan, There’s No Tax Benefit To The Salaried Individual On The Principal Amount And Interest Paid.

Points To Remember

Before Taking A Loan, Assess Your Cashflows And Repayment Capacity. “People Often Take An LAP Because It Is Cheaper But Deploy It In Avenues That Are Risky,” Points Out Vishal Dhawan, Chief Financial Planner, Plan Ahead Wealth Advisors. Taking This Loan To Start A New Venture, Could Be Riskier Than If The Money Is Used To Expand An Established Business. If You Default, Your Credit Score Will Be Affected, A Penalty Will Be Charged, And In The Worst-Case Scenario, You Could Lose The Property.

“People Tend To Put At Risk An Asset That Is Worth Much More, For A Loan Of A Smaller Amount,” Points Out Dhawan. For Instance, A Home Worth Rs 5 Crores Is Put Up As Security For A Rs 50 Lakh Loan. Instead, Explore Taking A Loan Against Share Certificates, Insurance Policies, Gold, Etc. Sometimes, Businessmen Opt For LAPs To Avail Of Tax Deduction On Interest Paid. “Borrowers Must Get Good Tax Advice. The Funds Have To Be Clearly Identifiable As Having Been Deployed For The Expansion Of The Business To Be Able To Avail Of The Tax Deduction,” Informs Dhawan. Finally, If You Expect Some Cash Flows Soon, Take The Loan As An Overdraft Facility And Not As A Term Loan. Whatever Surpluses You Get Can Be Parked In The Overdraft Account. This Will Enable You To Lower Your Interest Cost.

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How and Why Will the Current Reduction in Lending Rates, Affect Home Loan Rates?

To What Extent Will A Reduction In The Marginal Cost Of Funds-Based Lending Rate (MCLR) By A Bank, Impact One’s Home Loan Rates And EMI? We Examine

The Substantial Cut Of 0.90% By The State Bank Of India In Its Marginal Cost Of Funds-Based Lending Rate (MCLR), Has Created A Lot Of Interest Amongst The General Public And Borrowers, In Particular. The General Perception Is That All The Borrowers And Specifically The Home Loan Borrowers, Will Immediately Get The Benefit Of This Rate Cut. Is It So? Let Us Discuss This.

What Is MCLR?

As The Banks Were Not Quick In Passing On The Benefits Of The Rate Cuts Announced By The RBI In The Past, The Central Bank Introduced A New Basis For Banks To Determine Lending Rates, Based On The Marginal Cost Of Borrowing, With Effect From April 1, 2016. All The Loans Granted By The Banks, Are Necessarily To Be Given Under The MCLR Regime. The MCLR Takes Into Account The Marginal Cost Of Funds For The Banks, For A Specific Period, To Arrive At The Final Lending Rate. What The SBI And Other Banks Have Done, Is Reduce Their MCLR.

Who Will Get The Benefit Of Reduction In MCLR?

Whether The Reduction In MCLR By The Banks, Will Benefit The Existing Customers Or Not Will Depend On Various Factors. The First Factor Is The Interest Rate Regime, Under Which You Had Borrowed The Money.

In Case You Had Taken The Loan Under A Fixed Rate, The Benefit Of Reduction In MCLR Will Not Be Available To You, As Your Interest Rate Is Fixed For The Agreed Tenure. Even If You Had Availed Of The Loan Under A Floating Rate, Whether The Benefit Will Accrue To You Or Not, Will Depend On Other Factors.

If You Had Availed Of The Loan Prior To April 1, 2016, You Would Have Done So, Either Under PLR (Prime Lending Rates) Or Base Rate Regime And The Benefit Will Not Accrue To You Immediately, Unless The Bank Reduces Its PLR Or Base Rate. The Benefit That You Get, Will Also Depend On The Extent Of Reduction In The PLR Or Base Rate.

Under The PLR Regime, The Rate Of Interest Was Linked To The PLR Of The Bank And The Lending Rate Was Generally At Par Or At A Discount To The PLR. The Base Rate Is Based On The Aggregate Cost Of Borrowing Of The Bank And Not The Marginal Cost Of Funding, Which Forms The Basis For The MCLR.

How A Change In The MCLR Affects Home Loan Rates

Under The MCLR Regime, Your Home Loan Interest Rate Will Not Change With Each And Every Change In The MCLR. The Banks Are Allowed To Have A Reset Clause In The Lending Agreement, To Fix The Periodicity Or Date For Change In The Actual Lending Rate To The Borrower. The Premium, Which The Banks Have Over Their Base Rate Or MCLR For A Particular Loan, Is Generally Called ‘Spread’ And Is Expressed As Certain Points Over The Base Rate Or The MCLR.

The Benefit Of Reduction In Rates Will Accrue To You, If You Had Already Switched To The MCLR From The Base Rate Or PLR Regime.

For Borrowers Who Had Either Borrowed Under The Base Rate Regime Or Had Shifted To The Base Rate Regime From PLR, The Benefit Will Not Be As Substantial As The Reduction In The MCLR.

Moreover, It Will Be Available Only As And When The Bank Announces A Reduction In Its Base Rate.

The Existing Borrowers, Who Have Borrowed Under The MCLR, Will Get A Benefit If There Is No Reset Period Restriction Or The Reset Period Is Over. As The Banks Have Reduced The MCLR But At The Same Time Increased The Spread, New Borrowers Will Not Get The Home Loan At The Same Rate As The Reduced MCLR. The New Rates Will Be Higher Than What It Would Have Been, Had The Banks Not Changed Their Spread.

However, The Reduction In MCLR Will Certainly Benefit Existing Borrowers Under This Regime, As The Spread Will Remain The Same For Them, Unless They Have A Reset Clause And The Reset Period Is Not Yet Over.

What Can The Borrower Do, If The Reset Date Is Away Or He Has Borrowed Under Base Rate Or PLR?

Borrowers Under The Base Rate/PLR Regime, Can Switch From The Base Rate To The MCLR On Payment Of Applicable Charges Or Even Shift From One Lender To Another, After Doing A Proper Cost-Benefit Analysis For The Whole Tenure. The Decision To Shift/Switch Would Depend On Various Factors. The Most Important Factor, Is The Difference In The Effective Rate Of Interest, Between The Rate You Are Paying And The Rate Of Borrowing Under MCLR If You Switch/Shift.

The Balance Tenure Of The Existing Loan, Also Plays Its Part In The Decision To Shift/Switch The Loan. As The Existing Loans Are Under The Floating Rate, The Banks Do Not Charge You Any Prepayment Penalty. So, Effectively, You Have To Take Into Account The Processing Fee Of The New Lender Or The Charges To Transfer The Loan, Which Can Range Between 0.15% And 0.50%. In Case The Money Is Borrowed Under The MCLR Regime, The Bank Is Bound To Pass On The Full Benefit To The Borrower, Subject To Reset Date Restrictions.

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A Guide to Choosing The Right Lights For Your Home

Lighting Plays An Important Role In Setting The Ambience In A Home. Besides Illuminating The House, Light Can Also Impact The Mood Of The Home’s Occupants. We Tell You How To Choose Lights That Can Make Your Home More Appealing

Lighting Options Are Available In A Variety Of Budgets, From Traditional To Contemporary Styles. Fixtures Crafted In Metals, Glass, Crystals, Bamboo And Fibre, Come In Different Sizes And Shapes. Floor Lamps, Wall Scones, Ceiling Lamps, Spot And Pendant Lights, Chandeliers And Light Strips, Can Also Be Used In A Home’s Décor.

“Nowadays, People Are Very Choosy When It Comes To Selecting Lighting Elements For Their Home’s Interiors, As Well As Exterior Areas, Such As Gardens, Verandas, Pathways, Staircase, Balconies Or Even The Main Door. Customers Today, Have Amazing Choices, Vis-A-Vis Colours, Tones, Brightness Levels And Energy Saving Options,” Shares Sudhir Pawar, A Pune-Based Interior Designer.

Before Selecting The Fixtures And Deciding On Its Placement, One Needs To Have A Clear Idea About The Purpose Of The Lighting. “The Aim Should Be To Minimise The Number Of Fixtures And Maximise Their Effect And Functionality,” Points Out Komal Vasa, A Lighting And Interior Designer From Mumbai.

“New-Age LED Technology, Provides This Flexibility. One Can Combine Accent And Ambient Lights, With The Colours Changing From Warm Tones To Day Lighting, In A Single Fixture,” Explains Vasa.

Different Lights For Different Rooms

One Should Also Consider The Available Natural Light, When Selecting Artificial Lighting Methods. “Balance The Functional And Aesthetical Nuances Of Light. Adequate Illumination In The Living Room And Study Room Is Essential, To Avoid Eye Strain, While Bathrooms And Dressing Tables Need Task Lighting. In The Bedroom, You Can Fit A Dimmer Switch That Controls The Brightness Level, To Create A Soothing Ambience,” Suggests Pawar.

Back Panel Lighting For The Television Area Or The Bed, Is Popular As It Adds A Dazzling Glow. A Back-Lit Glass Panel Or Clusters Of Lights Which Double Up As A Wall Mural, Can Create A Surreal Light Effect. Ceiling Lamps And Table Lamps With Beautiful Shades, Can Also Be Used To Create A Soft And Serene Ambience.

In The Living Room, Focus The Accent Lights On Artwork And Curios, Adds Vasa. “Use Dimmers To Add Some Soft Light To Panels And Textured Surfaces, To Create Warmth. You Can Create Unique Fixtures With Mundane Everyday Objects, Or Use Interesting Fabrics, Colours, Papers, Etc. This Will Add A Personalised Touch To Your Home’s Décor,” Says Vasa.

Multiple Lighting Options Help To Enhance The Visual Appeal Of A Space, By Adding Focus And Depth. Vinita Mishra, A Home-Maker From Noida, Adds “Our Living Room’s Ceiling Has Sleeper Wood Strips, Which Have Soft Yellow Lights Reflecting From Its Borders And It Creates A Distinct Visual Effect. I Also Have Two Intricately Designed Red Glass Lamps In One Corner Of The Room, Which I Switch On In The Evenings. I Have Subtle Blue Lights Installed In My Bedroom And Even My Shower Has Coloured LED Lights.”

Lighting Tips

1. The Main Lighting Source Should Be Bright. You Can Use LED Lights Of Relevant Wattage, To Give A Comfortable Feeling.

2. Consider The Ceiling Height, Before Hanging A Chandelier. It Should Be Mounted At Least Seven To Eight Ft Above The Floor.

3. On A Workstation, Place The Lamp At A Correct Angle, To Ensure That No Shadow Falls On The Working Area.

4. A Side Table With A Lamp, Not Only Has Its Own Charm But Is Also Useful As A Reading Light.

5. Lamps In The Bedroom Need To Be At A Convenient Distance From The Bed, Making It Easy To Operate.

6. While Selecting Light Fixtures, Ensure That It Complements The Overall Theme Of The House And Furniture Design.

7. Choose Fixtures That Are Easy To Maintain – Spares And Accessories Should Be Easily Available In Future, For Replacement.

8. Ensure That The Children’s Rooms Are Bright. Avoid Floor Lamps And Glass Lamps For Safety.

9. Always Have Extra Plug Points For Lights (Like Fairy Lights And Lamps) That You Can Use During Festivals And Special Occasions.

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Home security systems: Easy to use, easy on the pocket

Do You Think That Home Security Systems And Apps Are Expensive And Complicated To Use? Think Again. We Take You Through Home Security Systems That Are Easy On The Pocket And Easy To Use

Motion Sensors That Dial Your Number; Lockers That Send An SMS To Your Phone And Door Locks That Wake Up Your Neighbours In The Dead Of The Night – Components Of New-Age Home Security Systems, These Devices Marry Technology With Innovation, To Make Your Home As Safe As Safe Can Be.

The Market For Home Security

“The Demand For Security Systems In India, Has Grown Significantly In The Last Few Years. Currently, The Market Is Witnessing A Compound Annual Growth Rate Of Around 18%,” Shares Mehernosh Pithawalla, Head – Marketing, Sales And Innovation, Godrej Security Solutions.

Product Options

1. Inexpensive Motion Detectors (Cost: Rs 800-1,000) That Track Every Movement In An Empty House And Send Real-Time Alerts To Phone Numbers Of Your Choice.

2. Biometric Locks (Approximately Rs 20,000), Which Scan Your Fingerprint And/Or Your Face, To Allow Access To Your Home.

3. Advanced Burglar And Fire Alarms (Rs 15,000) That Are Remotely Controlled And Can Be Activated Or Deactivated, Through A Phone Call Or SMS.

4. You Can Also Opt For Traditional Wireless Burglar Alarms That Cost Just Rs 250, On Your Doors And Windows.

5. Even More Basic? You Could Try A Simple Door Stop Alarm That Prevents Your Door From Opening And Emits A Loud Alarm When Anyone Tries To Enter Your House. Priced At Rs 225, This One Is For Those Who Worry About Leaving Elderly People Or Young Kids Alone At Home.

6. An Anti-Theft Padlock (Rs 500) Can Also Be Used On The Door Or Gate, Which Raises An Alarm If Someone Tries To Tamper With It.

7. “Video Door Phones That Are Connected To The Internet Are Now Available, So That You Can Speak To Your Visitor, Even When You Are Not At Home,” Says Pithawalla. Prices Start At Rs 5,000 And Can Go Right Up To Rs 40,000, Depending On The Brand And The Features They Offer.

8. For Valuables, Try Goldilocks (Rs 5,200) – A Compact Locker, Which Includes A Tamper Alarm And Can Be Linked With A Laptop, So That You Can Set A Laptop Password To Access The Safe.


Apps To The Rescue

There Are Plenty Of Services, Too, And Often, They Cost Nothing At All. “All You Need, Is An Old Smartphone Or Tablet With A Working Camera,” Explains Radhesh Jhangiani, Who Built His Own Security System At His Residence In Bangalore, “I Downloaded The Salient Eye App On My Phone. It Functions As A Burglar Alarm And Sends SMS And Email Alerts, As Soon As It Detects Any Activity At Home. You Can Even Get Photographs, To Know What Exactly Is Going On.”

Along Similar Lines, Is The AtHome Camera, Through Which You Can Watch A Live Feed Via Wi-Fi Or Mobile Networks, Get Alerts Through The Motion Detector, Pick A Time When You Would Like To Start/Stop Recording And Even Control The Camera Angle Remotely.

Safety Door Versus Burglar Alarm?

“While Advances In Technology Enable Us To Have More Control, Vis-À-Vis Home Security, Traditional Methods Are Still Here To Stay. Typically, They Deny Intrusion, Whereas, The Technologically Advanced Systems Either Deter/Detect Or Offer Post-Event Analysis Of The Intrusion,” Explains Pithawalla.

Before You Buy

Pithawalla Offers A Quick Checklist:

1. Identify The Location Where The System Will Be Installed.

2. Check For Prerequisites, Like Electricity Supply, GSM Network Connectivity, Wi-Fi Connectivity, Etc.

3. Choose A Professional Company To Do The Installation.


Most Home Security Systems Are A Bit Complex And Installing Them, Will Require The Aid Of Your Local Electrician. You Can Also Check With The Electronics Store Or The Brand You’re Buying From, On Whether They Offer Installation Services. In Some Cases, This May Even Be Free.



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Green, yet stylish: Eco-friendly decor for your home

If You Are An Environmentally-Conscious Home Owner And Wish To Do Up Your Home Décor With Eco-Friendly Things, Follow This Simple Guide On Stylish Accessories That You Can Use

The Use Of Eco-Friendly Products, Is An Important Step Towards Protecting Our Environment. “Creating An Environmentally-Friendly Living Space, Is All About Recognising And Minimising The Harmful Effects Of Our Choices On The Ecosystem. There Is Surely A Positive Trend Nowadays, As Consumer Demand For Eco-Friendly Décor Accessories Is On The Rise,” Says Shibani Jain, CEO And Founder Of Baaya Design.

There Are Several Ways, In Which Home Owners Can Improve Their Home’s Décor, By Using Eco-Friendly Methods.For The Walls, “Beautiful Warli Paintings, Which Is Painted With Rice Powder And Gum Mixture, With Cow Dung As The Base For The Background, Can Be Used. Instead Of Using Chemical Synthetic Paints, Lipankaam Is A Natural Substitute. River Clay And Mirror Work, Which Also Uses Camel Dung, Can Also Be Used To Give Your Home A Very Ethnic Look,” Adds Jain.


For Your Furniture

Bamboo, Cane, River Grass And Other Natural Products Are Eco-Friendly And Light To Use. ‘Murha’ Stools, Made Of Cane And Bamboo, Serve The Dual Purpose Of Providing Livelihood For Skilled Artisans And Are Eco-Friendly.While Reupholstering Furniture, Opt For Natural Fabrics, Silk Or Bamboo-Based Fabrics. Bamboo Is A Cost-Effective And Sustainable Material For Homes. Try And Procure Wood From Demolished Building And Use It For Window And Door Frames.

Reuse Of Waste And Eco-Friendly Materials, To Make Utility And Decorative Products, Is Known As ‘Up-Cycling’.Reuse And Recycle Is In Vogue The World Over, Says Preeti Gupta Of Aranya Earthcraft, An Eco-Friendly Design House In Delhi. “One Can Make A Table Lamp Out Of Pet Bottles Or Used Wine Bottles. A Coffee Table Can Be Made, Out Of An Old Computer Cabinet, While An Old Monitor Can Be Converted Into A Book Rack. Similarly, A Set Of Table And Chair, Can Be Made Out Of Scrap Metal And Papier Mâché; A Garden Bench Can Be Made Out Of Construction Waste; A Miniature Sculpture Can Be Made Out Of Waste And Eco-Friendly Materials,” Suggests Gupta, Who Started Aranya Earthcraft Along With Her Husband, Vivek Prasad.

“Government, As Well As Non-Profit Organisations, Are Putting In A Lot Of Effort, To Make Such Products More Visible In The Market. So, Today, It Is Easier To Find Green Décor Alternatives For One’s Home,” Maintains Gupta.

Eco-Friendly Décor Tips For Home Owners

If You Have Plain Minimalistic Crockery Sets, You Can Add Prints And Patterns With Different Accessories. Table Mats, Napkins, Votive Candles Can Be Great Elements. You Can Stick A Single Print With Variations In Repeat And Size, Or Go Wild And Play With Kitsch By Layering Different Patterns That Go Harmoniously Together.

1) Opt For Doormats Made Of Coconut Coir And Carpets And Bags Made From Jute, Which Are Biodegradable Materials. You Can Also Choose Carpets Made From Natural Fibres, Such As Wool, Silk, Cotton, Or Jute.

2) Opt For Furniture Made Of Water Hyacinth River Grass, Bamboo And Banana Bark.

3) For Bed Covers, Choose Cotton And Other Natural Materials And Naturally Dyed Products, Instead Of Chemical Colours.

4) Opt For Earthen Water Jugs (Which Also Keeps The Water Cool), Stone Products (Black Pottery) Cooking On Gas And Serving Food.

5) Use Earthen Pots To Grow Plants, Instead Of Plastic Ones.

6) For Table Mats, Use Shital Patti And Madhur Kathi Reed Mats That Are Hand-Woven.

7) Replace Plastic Kitchen Utensils And Boxes, With Wooden And Metal Ones.

8) At Home, Opt For Lamps Made Of Coconut Fibre And Shells. Use LED Bulbs, Which Are Energy Efficient.

9) During Festivals, Light Oil Diyas, Instead Of Candles And Electric Diyas. Petroleum-Based Candles Release Toxins, While Burning.

10) Use Handmade Napkins, Instead Of Disposable Ones.

11) Use Photo Frames Crafted Of Papier Mâché.

Recycle And Reuse

1) Attractive Old Sarees And Dupattas, With Embroidery And Brocades, Can Be Used To Make Cushion Covers And Table Covers.

2) An Old Trunk Painted In A Bright Colour, Can Be Used As A Centre Table.

3) Reuse Glass Bottles And Jars To Create Utility And Decorative Items, Such As Light Holders, Vases And The Base For A Lampshade.

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Decorate Your Dining Table

It Is Worth Going The Extra Mile In Order To Put A Smile On The Faces Of Family And Guests As You All Sit To Enjoy A Meal Together

As Soon As The Monsoon Showers Hit Our Shores There Is A Massive Instinctive Increase In The Consumption Of Hot Pakoras And Extra Double Boiled Tea. Comforting, Reassuring And Our Indulgence That Sets The Tone For The Rainy Season. It’s Not All About The Snuggly Times Curled Up On Your Sofa And Being Casual.

While It Is Nice To Enjoy The Rain From A Clean And Dry Home We Still Entertain And Invite Our Friends And Family To Battle Through The Wet For Formal And Informal Get Together Events. So How Do We Make It Worth The Battle? And Up The Glamour Quotient At Home, Making It Interesting And Fun For Your Guests? Go The Extra Mile To Put A Smile On Their Face As You All Sit To Enjoy A Meal Together.

You Can Do This Easily By Setting Your Table In Interesting And Unique Ways. Here Are Some Tips To Decorate Your Table This Monsoon.

Think Green

Take Your Inspiration From The Rich Tones Of The Leaves And Flowers That Have Been Washed By The Rains.

The Beautiful Moss That Gently Creeps Up On The Walls As The Months Go By. Use Leaves On Your Table Setting Or In The Print Of The Crockery Or Place A Simple Leaf On The Side Plate.

Use Scents

Base Your Table Setting Around A Strong Scent. Eucalyptus Springs And Rosemary Are Very Easy To Find And Adds A Great Warm Comforting Note To A Space. Fruits With A Strong Aroma Such As Lemons Or Simple Coffee Beans In Small Votives Can Be Dotted Around Your Table.

Prints And Patterns

If You Have Plain Minimalistic Crockery Sets, You Can Add Prints And Patterns With Different Accessories. Table Mats, Napkins, Votive Candles Can Be Great Elements. You Can Stick A Single Print With Variations In Repeat And Size, Or Go Wild And Play With Kitsch By Layering Different Patterns That Go Harmoniously Together.


Lots Of Candles, Preferably Scented Candles And Fairy Lights Always Do The Trick. For An Instant High Impact Ambiance Set Your Table With Lots Of Candles. You Will Tick A Few Boxes With This Tip, You Have Scent, Colour And Drama All In One. Reduce The Overhead Light And Play With Table Lights, Fairy Lights And Candles.

Table Linen

With An Endless Variety To Choose From Things Can Get Confusing. Pick A Single Element Which Could Be Print, A Colour Or A Texture And Then Build Your Table Setting Around That Element. A Floral Printed Table Cloth Can Be Paired With A Simple Monotone Napkin And A Textured Napkin Ring. The Crockery And Flatware Can Be Simple With Coloured Water Glasses To Echo The Print Of The Table Linen.


Multipurpose Bowls And Platters, Jars And Jugs Can Add A Sense Of Playfulness To Your Monsoon Table Setting. Be Clever In How To Reinvent These. For Example, You Could Use A Champagne Chiller For Flowers, A Charger Plate Can Be Used To Serve Snacks And Margarita Glasses Can Be Your Dessert Bowls.

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About World Aids Day


World AIDS Day Is Held On The 1st December Each Year And Is An Opportunity For People Worldwide To Unite In The Fight Against HIV, Show Their Support For People Living With HIV And To Commemorate People Who Have Died. World AIDS Day Was The First Ever Global Health Day, Held For The First Time In 1988.


Globally There Are An Estimated 34 Million People Who Have The Virus. Despite The Virus Only Being Identified In 1984, More Than 35 Million People Have Died Of HIV Or AIDS, Making It One Of The Most Destructive Pandemics In History.

Today, Scientific Advances Have Been Made In HIV Treatment, There Are Laws To Protect People Living With HIV And We Understand So Much More About The Condition. People Do Not Know The Facts About How To Protect Themselves And Others, And Stigma And Discrimination Remain A Reality For Many People Living With The Condition.

World AIDS Day Is Important Because It Reminds The Public And Government That HIV Has Not Gone Away – There Is Still A Vital Need To Raise Money, Increase Awareness, Fight Prejudice And Improve Education.

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